Outcome of the Giveaway

Hello Darlings! This is a kind of "theory" post, it'll be mainly about me babbling. You've been warned and you can run away now! lol!
Great things have outcome from my first giveaway, and I would like to share my thoughts with you.
Firstly I've got a huge amount of followers. Ok, I'm not secretly hoping that they'll remain my followers or read my posts. So I'm ready to see my followers numbers decrease in the next few days.
Secondly, the spreading word of giveaway has allowed me to get to know so many new blogs!! Thanks to this giveaway I'm now following 42 new blogs, besides the 172 that I already followed. Isn't that crazy??
I also learnt
that many people dedicate their bogs to giveaway hunting. Did not know that.
Finally, I seriously thought about what good could come out of a number of followers that aren't actually following you... it makes not sense, does it? So I came to the conclusion that next giveaway might need to have totally different rules.

Of course! I'm not forgetting about the question I asked in rafflecopter that many of you answered: What would you change/improve/add to my blog?
So I reviewed every single comment and I summary your answers in the list below. I care about your advice so I thought it would only be right to make a post with my answers and decisions (which are written in purple next to the requests you've done).
  • use always the same lighting for swatching, buy a day lamp
    I'm not at that stage in blogging. If I ever make a living of this I'll surely be caring about that.Not by the moment.
  • more filter tabs
    I agree, and have already done that
  • add prices and other details on the nail polishes
    I don't add prices because in Switzerland all is much more expensive, so prices are not representative.Besides my Swiss readers are really few, and the rest of my readers would just get all messed -up with currencies.
  • repost them missing photos
    I can't see where photos are missing, sorry! If you see missing photos please tell me on which post!!
  • More nail art
    I try to post nail art at least twice a week, unfortunately I do not always succeed. That's the best I can do for the moment.
  • More stamping
    I'll be doing more for sure.
  • change the background :)
    I agree and I've already chaged it
  • more reviews of Essence collections!
    You bet!
  • interact with your followers!
    This is something I love doing, I try very hard to answer all comments and visit my fellow bloggers, but sometimes I do not have the time! I still try to catch up later...
  • include some nail art tutorial
    I do not feel quite ready to do that, mostly because my nail art is usually a mess without any serious technique, lol!
  • change the style of the title!
    I like the style of my title like it is now, sorry!
  • All you need is to let everyone to be happy with your posts :)
    That is something I will never succeed in doing, so I'll not even try to make everyone happy. Sorry again!
  • "Week in photos "
    Interesting. I might do that because I like reading this kind of posts. Though I'm not the kind of girl to be snapping pictures of everything, specially because my cellphone pictures suck. But if I ever get a better cell phone, that might change!!
  • comparison posts
    I like to do them, whenever it's possible. But my collection is not THAT big, and the polishes I buy I try not to get colours I already own.
  • website designed by yourself would be better.
    I'm sorry, but I'm not capable of doing that!
  • more eco-bio products reviews!
    I'm not really in the "bio" trend, and as much as I like some bio products I don't have enough experience with other bio brands to compare them, sorry!
  • some Fotd
    I can't promise FOTD could happen in this blog. I'm not happy with the way my skin looks, and then there's the self picture taking problem, the lighting, etc. Too many obstacles. I might try an EOTD at the most!
  • Talk about nail treatments.
    I've been thinking to do it for ages. It's in my to do list!
  • medium-sized pictures sometimes instead of the larger ones
    I quite like XL photos, but I can see it could be disrupting the "aesthetic" balance. I'll try to change that.
  • more haul post!!!!!!
    I'll do that as soon as the NBB is finished!
  • indie polishes
    As soon as I buy some, I'll definitely be showing them in here!
  • post more photos :)
    I thought I've already posted too many!
  • posting more often
    I do my best to post regularly. I already post 4-5 times per week, can't do more for now. Sorry.
  • swatch and reviews of new products
    Would love to! specially upcoming-products! anyone knows a cosmetics PR that would contact me??
  • news about new collections
    I don't like posting every press release that comes to my e-mail box. I never read those on other blogs either!
  • more giveaways like this one
    haha! at least you've been honest! There'll be more giveaways, but not during NBB period.
  • invest in having your own domain
    I'm afraid I won't do that for the moment.
Great things have outcome from this giveaway, and have to start planning the next! if you red until here, you're my hero!! lol.
What do you think about giveaways in general? what aim are they supposed to serve? I'm looking forward to your comments.


  1. Anonymous20/2/13 20:05

    I actually read that WHOLE post, so I am now officially a hero ;-) In my opinion giveaways are a nice way to 'rewarding' loyal readers and followers. I like it when you can't just enter a giveaway by posting a comment or by following a blog, but by sending in something creative and personal. And for the giveaway giver: it rocks to make someone's day with a free gift! Making someone else happy feels very rewarding I think :-)

    1. haha, i read the whole post too :D i really liked your answers!

    2. @Melissa, you actually are my hero!!!!! lol
      I think you have a point, I wish I had that idea before. Live and learn, they say.
      And I absolutely agree, it is much fun to giveaway, from the beginning to the end of it. And if someone is happy so the thing is done!

      @Shine eye, thanks for your time! I'm glad you liked it, we have another hero!

  2. Ciao cara!
    First of all, congrats to a very sucessfull give away! :D
    You made some very good points in your opening text!
    Your readers sure had a lot of opinions ;) It's impossible to meet them all and I think you are doing a great job Nati! Don't change too much unless you really want to! You are unique just as you are! <3

    1. Ciao bella, grazie per questo tuo commento!
      I'm happy just because I found such wonderful friends while blogging, and giveaway are not always linked to that fact, I guess. I just wanted to "improve a little" not changing a lot ;) but you already know that!
      baci, xx

  3. My dear Nati, I loved this post A LOT!!! Thank you for sharing all this Feedback with us!!!!! I am totally with Jezz, your Blog is so authentic and charming, I just love that you stay true to yourself!!! So no more babbling from me today, Jezz said it all :-) Bisous xxx

    1. Salut Christine, thanks again for reading my crazyness. I'm so glad you're there, reading me. Thanks for letting me know. that's what really counts for me.

  4. Hasta ahora llego a casa y tu debes estar durmiendo. No vale yo tengo 300 blogs los tengo separados en categorías. Lo llevo muy ordenado.
    Qué pienso de give aways? Bueno me encanta participar y lo hago con esa idea soy una entre tantas las probabilidades son pequeñas pero que pierdo en probar?
    Ganar es una cosa recibirla es otra. En un blog me gané 'un descuento y nunca me mando un correo ni nada.
    Aprecio mucho que siempre comentes, sigo muchos blogs y en muchos no lo hacen.
    Y ni una vez. Entiendo que aveces es cuestión de tiempo pero se puede de vez en cuando.

    Gracias por compartir las preguntas y respuestas con nosotras.

    1. Hola Andrea! Gracias por haber leído este largo post, sé que lleva tiempo. Una de las cosas que más me dio satisfacción es que la otra chica no haya respondido al mail. Porque ella no ha pasado ni una vez por aquí, en cambio tu sí dejabas tus comentarios, y yo lo que quería es que una seguidora se llevara el premio. Y así fue.
      También sé que mucha gente pasa mira las fotos, puede que lea algo pero llevan prisa y no deja comentarios, por eso me gusta contestar a quienes comentan porque sé que lleva tiempo, y eso es lo más preciado que uno tiene!
      y no te preocupes que sí que recibirás el premio! lo puedes chequear en internet con el tracking number!

    2. Hola Natalia, No te preocupes se que recibiré el premio una vez mas muchas gracias.
      Lo que me hace siempre regresar a tu blog es que te tomas el tiempo en contestar y eres muy amable.
      Si, lleva tiempo, para leer y aveces entender lo que alguien quiere transmitir.

  5. Hi, interesting thoughts. I think that people having giveaways have it for two reasons mainly, 1. give readers appreciation 2. Get more readers/followers. But I think that the percentage of which one of 1 and 2, ie the main thought of the giveaway varies. Some maybe do it for 99% to give something to existing readers and 1% is hope for a more followers and for some it's the opposite etc.

    I do like giveaways though, no matter the reason is, I often find new great blogs which I probably wouldn't have found otherwise when a blog with giveaway have a demand of a blog post in return for submission.

    And I guess as you say that the readers/followers will drop but I guess that's life and that's their loss. I think that the best way to see it is those actually new followers which is happy to have found a great new blog (yours!) that they will follow. :)

    And I think that some of the feedback can be taken more lightly. I've seen people commenting on blogs ONLY swatching polishes to do nail arts and the blogger just "eeh? I'm not artistic and that will never happen even if I wanted to" What I mean is that a blog should be read by how awesome it is and not by readers request which doesn't fit the blogger her self at all. But sure, some tips maybe in line with the blogger and then it's okay. As Little miss nail polish said, you should only make changes if you want to and otherwise don't. :)

    1. Hi Gelic! Thanks so much for your insights! I appreciate your comment a lot, specially because I agree with you. I was hopping one of my "older" readers was going to win. But then you're right! I have new readers and some really interested in my blog.
      I wanted to have an idea of what the people are expecting from my blog. But of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to change everything!

  6. I really love this post, it's interesting to see your feedback on those suggestions. I love your honesty. I'm one of those crazy people who dedicate part of their blog to polish giveaways.. but I'm also a nail blogger and I love reading the nail blogs. I've lost count of how many I follow. I think the giveaways are a great way to reward your readers, but it really is a great way to promote your blog as well. I find a lot of new blogs through giveaways.. not all of them, but a lot.

    I'm really torn on the giveaway issue... if you care about numbers, then the giveaways are great. If you would rather have a few loyal fans who actually read your blog and appreciate what you have to say, then of course you want to reward them. Unfortunately I know there are some people who follow blogs just for the giveaways and then stop following them when they don't win. I really think that's unfair. Not sure what you can do about it. I know some blogs make extra entries and do kind of like a scavenger hunt, asking you to read their blog and answer questions. Or some people give entries for each time you comment on a post during the month the giveaway is running. Just some ideas on how you might be able to make it a little more fair to your loyal readers. Oh, and you can also give a bonus entry for those who have commented on your blog posts in the past.

    Oh and I agree, I don't like posting press releases, either. I can only see the same press release on 50 different blogs before I want to scream. I do like posting them to Facebook sometimes if there's one that I've only seen on one or two blogs.

    Anyway, love your honesty and just do what feels best for you and your blog. It's always great to get suggestions and feedback but ultimately the blog is yours to do what you want with :)

    1. Hi Melanie! I'm so glad you wrote your thoughts, because you made many interesting points. In fact I'm torn just like you.I guess this is just the way it goes, you giveaway to attract new readers.
      Btw, I think exactely what you wrote on your very last phrase.

  7. Great, I am your hero then !
    Thanks for this post, all honesty. I am actually a new follower of your blog since your giveaway, and won't disapear in a few days. I like giveaways, because I always hope to win of course, but mostly because it is the way I started to discover the blogosphere about nailart. I like the community behind the blogs, I felt welcome here, so I stayed.
    Also I guess if you have more followers, you can receive more products freely, try them and show them to us, wich is great. I guess if you receive many, you can also perform more giveaways, etc... Seems to be a virtous circle here !


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