Hello there my lovelies! Hope you're all doing great! 
I have for you today the third mani for the Tri-oplish Challenge of May, using grey, blue and red. Honestly, I was lacking inspiration and TIME for this mani. All I knew was I wanted to use H&M super red as a base because it's such a perfect colour, and the formula is so wonderful! I tell you I was swatching this red on a transparent nail wheel, and this jell-ish red was smooth and perfectly opaque in two coats. As we know that most shades (even the darkest) need 3 coats for full opacity on transparent nail wheels, because they're not as real nails, or white plastic nails, because you can always have translucency. Well, H&M is the best polish of all I ever swatch on this kind of support!
So If you can still find this shade, please get it! you can hardly find a red as good and as cheap as this one.

Well, as I was saying I got my red base, and then what?... The quickest thing I could think of was stamping, so I grabbed my grey colour (Dior Gris perle) and using konad plate m.. I stamped a fishnet stocking pattern. Is that all? I snapped some pics and I thought something was missing, so I added a diagonal French tip to my middle and pinki finger nails, and added some stamping details to my index and ring nails, using always the Dior shade. 

That's all. Quick and sweet.
I hope you like it anyway. Let me know what other manicures you can come up to with just a few minutes time!
Of course, do not forget to see the fantastic creations of the other participants!

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