Hello dears! How are you doing?
I'm about to show you the last manicure for this month on the Tri-polish Challenge. This time I came up with a better idea: Burberry nails!! But, wait haven't you said you had to use 3 mandatory colours? Grey, blue and red? Yes, this is definitely an "open" interpretation of Burberry using other colours!

For achiving my idea I first painted my index and pinkie nails with Mavala Trinidad, and thumb, middle and ring finger nails with Dior Gris perle. Then using a NYX ink black and white I freehanded the lines and then using H&M super red and a liner brush I added the final lines.

The result was less sharp that it would've been using striping tape, but boy, it would have taken for ever to do all those lines with striping tape!! So Free hand it was. Seen from afar it looks less messier, and I really like it despite the colour not being the "right" Burberry colours.
Let me know your thoughts about it!
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