Hello my dears! It's time for another edition of the Tri-polish challenge!! What? We're already in the 3rd Tuesday onf May? Gosh, that was fast!
This month we have three new colours to make 4 manis out of them: Red, blue and grey. See below which polishes I've chosen this month:

From the left: Dior Gris perle(oldie but goodie), Mavala Trinidad, H&M Super red

Before you continue reading, I wanted to apologize with all my readers, and blogger fellows, because lately I have not had the time to read my blog list and I'm very late with commenting and answering comments. I have been so busy I hardly have time to paint my nails and I take some time of my evenings to photograph my makeup with louzy lighting, editing and writing posts, and I often fall asleep while doing so. For the challenge in May I have 2 quick manis and 2 manis that took me a little more preparation. So instead of skipping the challenge I decided I would go for easy looks. Today we start with the easy. I painted two coats of the awesome Dior Gris perle, and stamped on it with Mavala Trinidad using konad plate m and on my ring finger nail I stamped qith the stunning H&M Super red using konad plate m. I top it all with one coat of Konad top coat.

This was simple and quick to achieve and not very arty, but it still have the three mandatory colours!!
What do you think about it?  What do you do when you want some nail art but you don't have tons of time? do you also do stamping?
Let me know your thoughts! And don't forget to check what the other girls have come up today, and what are their colours for May!!

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