Jun 20, 2013

The tri-polish challenge day 14 : Girly skittlelette

Hi my dears! another day for tri-polish challenge for June! Today I've only used 2 of the three mandatory colours, pink and red, and used some of the free choices (white and gold).
I wasn't much inspired at the time I did this mani (ages ago) and the result of it was this skittlette. I started with 3 coats of Bourjois Peach and love, which let me tell you was a total deception, formula was thick and gloopy and uneven. So this one is not self-leveling formula, and it looks terrible on its own .Though it is a pretty colour!

Then, I placed some bits of striping tape on my ring finger and painted one coat of Essie beyond cosy, I also used this gold shade for painting a diagonal French tip on my thumb. Using the red polish, Essie Limited addiction I painted a diagonal french tip on my pinky and draw (using a dotting tool) some hearts on my middle finger. I then added some white dots to my index and middle finger using Nyx ink in white. And that's all! Well, I ended up doing more than I originally thought for this mani, but I got carried away. Do you think is too much?

I kind of like the variety of this mani and the base colour somehow ties it all up. Well, I hope you like it and, as usual, don't forget to check on the other lovely participants!!


  1. I think this is the girliest manicure I've ever seen you've done. I think I actually liked the ring finger the best with the light pink and silver lines. :D

  2. ohhhhhhhhh. wow........ its lovely........ :)

  3. hearts & dots - sweeeeet! :D

  4. So cute and girly. Very pretty :)

  5. Anonymous20/6/13 15:16

    Preeeeetty :-) I love the silver and the pink together.

  6. Anonymous20/6/13 15:36

    Love this - beyond cozy is one of my favorite essie polishes, ever. :)

  7. Bello, me encantan los corazones

  8. Wow, this is super cute!!!


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