Jul 23, 2013

The tri-polish challenge day 19 : Gradient & fishnet nails

Hi my dears! How are you doing? I have for you the third manicure of July for the Tri-polish Challenge! This time I used 2 of the three mandatory colours, OPI Yoga-ta get this blue and Dior Birds of paradise 794, and a gold, Maybelline 820.

For this mani I first painted all my nails with two coats of the OPI blue, wait for it to dry, and sponged a subtle gradient using Dior 794 on the thumb, ring and middle fingers, then I placed many bits of striping tape forming a fishnet on my index finger nail and then painted over that with Maybelline 820. I should've stopped there, but I had to ruined all by adding four stupid dots. Why did I do that?

Well, this was not difficult at all, I regret the accent nail, but I really liked the two blue gradient.
I hope you liked this mani, and don't forget to check what the other lovely participants have done to their nails.


  1. Anonymous23/7/13 14:18

    The gradient is so subtle and perfectly executed, nice! But you are right, it would have looked just as good if not better without the accent nail.

  2. I think this looks really good :) I adore that gradient :)
    I think the accent nail looks really good :)

  3. Hello Natalia! Hope the sun is treating you and your family well :) This is simply beautiful and I really love the accent stamping, it really brings the gradient out! Wonderful job :D xx

  4. Ciao Nati! This is gorgeous! Ok, maybe you shouldn't have added the dots but it's not the end of the world! i think you should be proud! Baci! xx

  5. te quedó bien , dale una ves con un rojo oscuro creme se ven estupendos

  6. Such a pretty manicure !!! Love the subtle gradient especially. :)


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