Jul 25, 2013

The tri-polish challenge day 20 : Skittle fail

Hello my dears! How are you today?
I'm here to show the disaster I came up with for the fourth and last mani of the Tri-polish Challenge July. In fact I do not know why the last mani is always so hard to achieve and lacking so much in inspiration.

This mani started as a skittle using Essence Icy princess on index and ring fingers, Dior Birds of paradise on middle finger and OPI Yoga-ta get this blue on thumb and pinkie. Then I thought I would stamp over the skittle using opposite colours: silver over dark blue and teal, and teal and blue over silver. Except that the stamping design was so much smaller than my nails, and the tip of my nails remained undecorated. I then decided to sponge with the opposite colour over the tips, and that was the worse thing I could have think of! It looks dreadful. 
Well, I'm taking it easy because I'm on Holidays, lol. Just trying to think what could I come up with for next month's challenge and I hope it'll be better than this!
Don't be shy and leave me a comment! Even if the mani does not deserve any, haha, but just tell me what are you doing right now?


  1. Oh Nati it's NOT a disaster!! I like it!! It's so beautiful colours and the patterns are great. Great job, don't be so hard on yourself. ♥

  2. Ciao cara! I honestly don't see the disaster in this manicure! I think it's beautiful! Very creative! Hope you are having a great holiday! Baci! xx

  3. Tanto como un fallo no es ,sería más bien como ¿el tema equivocado?, Pues quedó muy bonito algo como un tema de Icequeen, La Reina del hielo. Conoces la historia?
    Te da la impresión que los trazos se borraron un poco ,así como cuando el hielo se descongela.

    para mi no es un desastre :)

  4. Salut Nati, now where exactly would this disaster be? All I see is a beautiful and delicate mani, very creative and unique!!!! Bisous xxx

  5. Anonymous26/7/13 15:40

    Oh come on Nati, it's not that bad! On the contrary even, I quite like it. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself :-)


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