Hi there!
The fourth and last appointment for the Tri-polish Challenge of this month, and, as usual, I'm out of inspiration, LOL! Who said 3 was the perfect number?? Well, for some reason I always have the hardes't time in coming up with a 4th cool idea, and usually my 4th manis are always kind of meh...
Today I just slapped some freehand chunky stripes over white and this is what it resulted.
Seen from afar is not that bad...LOL!

For this simple mani I've used 2 coats of China Glaze snow, and then painted stripes directly with the nail polish brushes: Chanel Mimosa, China Glaze Igniting Love, and Essence Plant the Planet.
I covered the whole thing with one coat of seche vite.

This design didn't last long on my nails, because it didn't convinced me... But I don't have anything else prepared for this Challenge, yo it'll have to go, he he...
Well, hope this does not hurt your eyes or sensibility too much, and don't forget to check what the other ladies have done to their nails!
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