Sep 19, 2013

The tri-polish challenge day 26: Blue china stamping

Hi lovelies!
Here I am again with the second mani of the week for the Tri-polish challenge!
Today I've only used two of the three mandatory colours and added a little glitter to it. My idea was to recreate the look of china or porcelain dishes using blue and a wavy stamping design, but the result was not quite there. It is acceptable, nevertheless, I think.

 For achieving this look I first painted two coats of Claire's blue with no name or number (arrggghh) and stamped using Essie Is picture perfect and plate m64, a wavy desing with some dots. I had originally stamped on all my nails, and I used Konad special topcoat which I trust over stamping because it does not drag the designs. But this topcoat is less fast drying than sechevite, and my clumsyness led me to dent my ring finger nail in a way it could not be repaired, so I eventually decided to slap a coat of Pupa glitter nail polish (the last of my Italian polishes!) and as I was quite happy with the result that saved me from starting all over from the beginning!!

Do you happen to have some "nail art accidents" some times and end up with a mani that you like better than the original? If you ever done that please leave the link to your experience I'd love to see it!!
Do not forget to pay a visit to the Tri-polish challenge girls listed below!

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  1. Anonymous19/9/13 13:15

    I am running out of things to say, Nati :-) Seriously, do you ever get it wrong? This is another lovely nail art, and I would love to be able to say something else than that it's gorgeous. But that is just what it is: gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Melissa, your comment is very sweet :)

  2. Hi Nati!
    Really gorgeous! I definitely recognize chinese porcelain (or portuguese tiles), what is on trend now!

  3. It does look like fine china. Love it!


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