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I've been so busy the past days I have not had time to write this review earlier, but I wanted to share it with you because I'm really liking these nail strips.

You know already how I like to simplify my nail art using water decals, I'm used to those, but I have never tried this kind of nail wraps before. I had tried some cheap drugstore stickers, but these are so much better! These are nail lacquer strips.

As it was the first time I was a bit hesitant about how to apply them or how they would look, so I didn't do anything fancy. I just went for a simple skittle using nail strips on my ring, middle finger and thumb, and painted plain American Apparel Mount Royal on index and pinkie finger nails.

The application was really easy, in the back of the package there are some detailed instructions and the OMG website has a video showing the application. There is a small difference between the video and the package instructions, that made me hesitate.

It is very convenient that the width of each strip is written on each of them in millimetres, so once you cut them off you can't mix them.

I started with clean freshly manicured nails, then chose the strips with the right widths for my nails, took off the plastic film and the paper back and placed the rounded edge near my cuticle and started gently pressing towards the tip to make it adhere without any air bubble. I wrapped the tips and filed the excess away.

Now the tricky part: in the video they advice to gently apply a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover over the nail strip, wait 30 seconds and apply topcoat. In the package they don't mention this step. So I did the cotton swab thing on my middle nail but not on the ring finger, just to notice it is better not to do it. The strip became dull and the design moved after I did that! If I had pressed ever so slightly the strip would have torn. So I do not recommend it.

Also I was hesitant what topcoat to use! I used Sechevite on my middle nail and the nail strip shrank a bit! Oh boy, that was not a surprise because these are made of nail polish. So I used Poshé topcoat on my other nails.

I was most interested to see how long they will wear. I wore this manicure for 7 days! Believe me that WAS a big challenge!

I did all my normal life, loads of typing, household tasks, washing, etc, and you're about to see the results:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

you can see from day one the slightly damaged design on my middle nail because of the cotton swab dipped in remover. If you look closely you can detect the tip wear, and of course the more evident cuticle gap, but that is also visible where I wore the nail polish. Other than that the strips have not lifted or torn in any way. I could have given it a day or two more wear, but having the same manicure for so long was driving me CRAZY! So if your thing is endless manicures, you have a nice option here.

I would totally recommend these nail strips to anyone who wanted decorated nails that look super chic, wear 7 days decently (with the right topcoat) and are super easy to apply.
OMG nail strips have a lot of designs to choose from, you can also find many suggestions on how to wear them in their facebook page. If you like any of their designs remember the following:
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