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Happy Hump-day lovelies!
Yesterday I've mentioned how full of events this season usually is, and how important is choosing the right outfit and accessories. Today, I want to chat with you about face-pampering right before an event, how to get your face youthful, glowing and camera ready with Dermovia Lace masks. Keep reading to find out!

The brand, the product and the claims 

First of all, you might be wondering what the lace has to do with this? Well, the creators of Dermovia, are expert Medical Estheticians who discovered that a unique compression cotton lace mask was the most effective way to treat the skin, as it is breathable and absorbent, it retains moisture and transfers trapped excess out of the pores quicker. Hence, they decided to create this amazing range of facial masks for home use, with the same materials used in medicals skin treatments and that is how Lace Your face was born.

Lace your Face masks have a revolutionary "lace-like" design made of hypoallergenic cotton gauze, with ear and chin straps that maintain the mask in place. You can do whatever you need to do -even a yoga session- the mask will stay put. This design also provides a slight pressure of the fabric on the skin allowing the serums to work better.

These masks  are reusable, in fact, they are saturated with 50 ml of serum, which is enough for a second application! They can also be used cold (to close pores) or warm (to open pores).
The masks are Paraben free, sulphate free, fragrance-free, without synthetic chemicals, and 100% biodegradable cotton. They are also cruelty-free. The range includes 8 different serums that appoint different concerns:

Calming Chamomile: For all/Sensitive skin. Soothes and balances.

Smoothing Peptides: For anti-aging. Reduces and prevents wrinkles.

Hydrating Rose water: For all skin types. Moisturizes and fights aging.

Brightening Bearberry: For dark spots. Lightens and diminishes dark spots.

Healing Yogurt milk: For red/blemished skin. Strengthens and renew.

Exfoliating Papaya: For all skin types. Resurfaces and refines.

Clarifying Mulberry leaf: For normal/oily skin. Detoxifies and shrinks pores.

Rejuvenating Collagen: For dry ageing skin. Tightens and revives.

My personal experience

I have personally tried the Rejuvenating Collagen for dry and ageing skin. Yes, my skin is dry, and yes, I'm getting old, so it sounded just perfect for me!

This particular mask claims to help plump, hydrate, reverse damage, repair and regenerate skin.
I opened the package and there was so much product in there! This was the first good sign, as you certainly feel to get what you pay for. The application was super easy, fuss and mess-free. I kept it for nearly 25 minutes while doing all sort of things around the house (and silly snapchat selfies too, LOL).

I  did not took a before and after picture because I wasn't really hoping the mask would actually do something visible to my face. HOW WRONG WAS I! Because my skin not only felt incredibly smooth and moistened but it also was visibly plumped.

I was impressed with the results in only one application, so I carefully fold my mask put it back into its packages, sealed it, put it in the fridge and re-use it two days later. The sencond time the plump effect was even more visible.

As you can already guess, this is NOT your regular sheet mask. Me too, I use those regular sheet masks on a weekly basis. They are not bad, but this, ladies and gents, this is totally another level! Like a SPA facial treatment at home (and for a fraction of the price of a facial treatment). I find them perfect for the pre-special occasions pampering!

The full Dermovia product range is now available at beautykosm.ch, each mask is sold individually at the RRP of 18 CHF, or you can get a 4 Mask pack for 66 CHF. Dermovia is also available at beauty centers and selected SPAs across Switzerland.

And now the good news

You can win 2x 2 Dermovia Lace your face masks of your choice! Follow the rules below and enter using the form below. You can enter as many or as few options as you wish, and with a bit of luck, you can test the masks for yourself.

The  Giveaway rules:

  • Opened to Swizerland for people aged +18. 
  • There will be two winners. The prizes are 2 lots (one for each winner) of 2 individual Dermovia Lace your Face Masks according to the winner's choice. 
  • The giveaway starts on 25th May 2016 12:00 am and ends on 7th June 2016 11:59 pm. 
  • All entries are checked by the system. A fraudulent entry will automatically disqualify the participant.
  • On 8th June I will randomly draw two winners using Gleam app. I will contact the winners by email and they will have 48h to answer back. Otherwise I will draw another two winners.

Dermovia Lace your Face Masks