Hello my dears! You probably already know by now that April is the month dedicated to raise awareness about Autism. Many lovely nail bloggers have dedicated gorgeous blue manicures to this cause, and that's such a great gesture. 

I don't have anyone in my family or close friends with Autism. So I can only speak for what I read and what I want to say is: the life quality of most autistic individuals could be so much higher with a little UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!

I'm not talking about pity, not about compassion, just UNDERSTANDING. For me is very important to say this. May be your own child  is bullying on an autistic person right now and you don't even know about it. You may read some info on wikipedia here, or get some extra info on the Autism speaks site over here. But you'll never get the whole picture. I invite you to skip a mani, and save those 20 minutes for reading Kimber's daughter story here, and to be AWARE of what WE are doing to these kids and families.
So, this takes time. The time you take to read and UNDERSTAND a little what Autism is about is the best donation you can do to this cause. Take the time to talk to your children about it. Take the time to be a little HUMAN about it. That's all it takes to raise awareness.
Thanks for your precious time!!!!!!!
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