Happy Friday sweeties!
For the 18th appointment with the 52 Weeks Nail Art Challenge we have a colour prompt which is Aqua or Turquoise! Ready to enjoy over 40 nail art designs in those shades?
I know I'm always making a mess with the names of the shades varing from blue to green, so here is a pin I found pointing to a very interesting and informative post about the difference between aqua, turquoise and teal, which you might (and can) disagree with, but it is the way I see the colours too.

To be completely honest, I wasn't much in the mood for turquoise nail polish. The weather is awful and my pointer fingernail broke (on my swatching hand of course), it was late in the evening and last thing I wanted was to made an intricate nail art design. So I took my own personal prompt (gradient) the easy way. This is my lazy minimalistic nail art, not terribly original but efficient!

For this manicure I first painted three thin coats of Essie Turquoise and caicos (which according to the definition I adopted is a true turquoise) and waited for it to dry completely. I then dabbed my NYX Girls Under the moon glitter gradient directly with the nail polish brush. This technique is not perfect but it is the only "mess-free" way to do a glitter gradient. Of course the surface remains a little "gritty" so I applied two coats of topcoat and I am quite happy with the result.

I'm sorry the pictures are so dull, they absolutely don't do justice to the pretty sparkling holo glitter (note to self: try this combo again in summer). But I could take a couple of pics with the 15 seconds of sunlight we had.

What do you think of glitter gradients? Yay or nay? For much more turquoise & aqua inspiration check the link-up here below.

Life and Stuff
February is going to be such and exciting month! I was hoping to take more care of myself this year and this is happening now, which makes me very happy. My baby is growing up and getting used to daycare, she does not cry as much and she seems to enjoy it and have fun with other children.

My "big" boy will turn 4 on the 21st of this month, I can't help but get all emotional, specially when I think I posted here about his very first b-day, and soon he will be going to school.

I don't know what we will do on Saturday but I hope it does involve taking some fresh air, I've been taking care of my blog a lot (and the weather was rotten) so I did not go out very much this week. I need to breathe!! On Sunday we have a Church ceremony for all the baptised in the community during 2015 (that includes my baby girl) which will give us an excellent excuse to go out for lunch with friends. What about you, what are you up-to this weekend?

Wish you a fantastic weekend my lovelies!