Hello Sweeties!
How are you doing? This is a quick post to introduce you a new manicure challenge I've joined in order to fulfill another of my beauty resolutions for 2016. In fact this challenge is about using only nail polishes from your collection that you have never used befor, but in alphabetical order. Keep reading to find out!

Using your untried nail polish in alphabetical order

A couple of weeks ago I've said one of my goals this year was to diminish the obscene amount of untried nail polish in my collection that has recently gone up to 192. That is a huge number, I know. But let's try baby steps, one by one I'd eventually wear them all one day (I'm never going to make it).

This is ABC challenge with my fellows polish lovers from Facebook, which consists in doing a manicure (not a nail art design) with nail polishes which brands or names begin with... a certain letter of the alphabet. One manicure per letter, twice a week. In alphabetical order of course!

So today, representing the letter A, I'm showing you Astor Vip Violet. This nail polish is so old I can't remotely remember when I got it. Definitely prior to blogging. It is a lovely colour, great quality, nice aplication, smooth finish with two coats and super glossy by itself. I'm glad I finally used it. In case you were wondering, it has been long discontinued.

Please, visit here below other nail polish addicts that also want to get rid of that pile of "untrieds"!

Have a lovely weekend!!