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Happy Saturday!
This is a short post to share with you what I do to fight one of the ugliest looks, I mean dry chappy lips :P

I should know how difficult this is when you have a winter which is 6 months long! Cold outside and heated rooms inside do not help the skin at all, and make ti loose all its hydration, this is specially true for the delicate skin of the lips. 

As I have the driest lips on Earth, and no matter how much I drink and how many times a day I apply lipbalm, nothing seems to help. Or, rather, nothing SEEMED to help. Until I put these two to work together: A sugar scrub from Lush (this is the delicious "Popcorn" but there are others as delicious!) and a thick lipbalm that I use as a "lip mask" and nothing has resulted better for me as Nuxe Reve de miel lip balm. Ever since my beloved friend Christine has gifted me with this lipbalm I kept using it this way. It was a revelation for me! Thank you my dear Christine :)

So, I scrub my lips daily. Yes, daily, slightly and gently but daily. Before bed, as I check the last time my laptop I scrub my lips and then apply a thick layer of Nuxe reve de miel, and go to bed. I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made in the way my lips look and feel. Not only I can wear matte lipstick again but also my lips do not crack anymore leaving me with injures that took days to heal.

So, this was my "hapy-lips" routine, which is yours?

Have a lovely weekend!