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Even 17 years after I first met my hubby, he's still able to surprise me! Why I say that? The past two weeks he was travelling for business, he stayed a few days in the US and before coming back he teased me: "I'm not telling you which is it, but I got you a nail polish of a very reknown fashion brand of which (I am surprised) you don't own any yet".
Does he knows which brands of nail polish I own? oh boy, I never thought he really paid attention!! 
He got me the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana nail polish Baroque silver #830 you're seeing (among other pretty things), which is not only unavailable in Switzerland, but also a brand that has entered quite recently in the makeup market! I was so excited to open his gift!

So, that was a hell of a surprise because I never, ever, thought my hubby would be so "IN" in questions of makeup. He even mentioned to the man at the counter that I have a blog, so the seller gave him a "little present" for me without forgetting to say that D&G is quite new in the makeup industry. Well, that marks some points for D&G!! 

So let's take a look at this gorgeousness: Baroque silver #830.
This strange nail polish is difficult to pin down, for its shade as well as its finish. It has a metallic looking finish, but very far from frosty or foil, it is one of those dense shimmers that give the impression of metallic look from afar but if you close up you can see all the tiny particles contributing to it. It has a mix of silver, blue, purple and pink shimmer that gives a beautiful and unique shade. I think my hubby could not have chosen a more rare polish! The nail polish structure reminds me of OPI The world is not enough, but of course the shade and formula are different. Baroque silver is opaque in two coats, application is a delicious breeze, and the brush is great! it kind of remind me of the older Dior polishes' brush.

I only have good things to say about this nail polish. Honestly I can't find one single flaw. The packaging is beyond chic, and the price is more affordable than most of the high-end brands. So D&G: you have totally impressed me guys.

Oh, these are the small presents I received: a mini set of makeup brushes, which I don't think I'll ever use, well except the lip liner maybe, but don't you think the lacey pouch is just too pretty? and a sample of their mascara Passioneyes (that is something I'll try for sure!).

Have you got anything from the D&G makeup line? Is it available where you live? What do you think of the nail polish my hubby got me? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment!