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Finally, finally, finally the Naturel Satins collection is available in Switzerland!
I have LOVEd the awesome Zoya Matte Velvet colection for winter and could not wait to have the new soft shades for the Spring.

Talking about ultra chic nail polish, Zoya Naturel Satins collection includes six ever so delicate and chic shades, all with the new exclusive Satin finish, and there is one (or more) that will suit you perfectly. The satin finish is neither streight matte, nor glossy, but somewhere in between the two. I would say it is closer to a matte nail polish but without the chalkiness and dullness some of the matte nail polishes can have (specially those without any shimmer or "suede" quality to them). But as an image is worth a thousand words, let's take a look at the pics, shall we?

Zoya Tove: A misty slate grey.

Zoya Rowan: A creamy suede taupe.

Zoya Brittany: A rose mauve cream.

Zoya Sage: A mossy sage green

Zoya Leah: A lavender tinged taupe.

Zoya Ana: A light toasted almond

All the swatches show two coats over a basecoat, but obviously without topcoat. The Satin formula is surprisingly easier to work with than the matte one. It doesn't dry as fast (although fast enough, but not AS you are painting) in that way it levels out a bit even if you use several brushstrokes they will not show once dried as with the matte formula. So let's say Satin is more forgiving than matte with application! I would, nevertheless, recommend using as few brushstrokes and thinner coats as possible. And once dried the effect is so chic! In this collection I find that Tove, Rowan, Sage and Leah to have slightly better formulation and lighter consitency, while Britanny and specially Ana seemed a little thicker, thus more difficult to apply, so I had to be more careful but nothing serious really, as when they dried, they look as good as the rest.

A difference with the matte formula is that Satins really adhere to the basecoat giving a really smooth first coat, while with the matte shades the brush tends to "slip" on the basecoat leaving a not very even coat. that is a really good point for me because I almost NEVER skip base coat, I feel my nail is better protected with it.

Of course, I can't say this enough, I particularly appreciate Zoya polishes are specially indicated for pregnant women! These beauties, as all zoya products are toxin free formula, are cruelty free and Big5Free certified. That means these nail polishes and the ingredients are never tested on animals, do not have any animal derived ingredients and are also completely free of Formaldehyde, Resin Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phatalate (BBP) and Camphor.

Zoya has sent me a print out of fantastic fahion inspirational pictures with the colours of this collection, I can't begin to tell you how chic they all look! But I guess my favorites are Rowan, Sage and Leah. Which are your favourites?

So what do you think of this collection? If you like any of the Zoya polishes you can find them on the Zoya Switzerland shop. Also, remember you can use my exclusive code POLISHEDPOLYGLOT_FAN during the checkout for an extra 20% discount!