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Happy Friday my lovelies! Ready for the weekend?
I don't know what is with this pregnancy, but I'm craving chocolate (and sweets in general so much! Everywhere I look I see chocolate calling my name. Besides the fact we are only one week away from Easter is not really helping avoid the temptation. Would you believe as I soon as saw this ethnic style stamping plate from 
Born pretty store first thing I thought was "mille-feuilles" pastry! 
Don't you believe me? For those of you who don't know what is a "mille-feuilles" I think it is also called "napoleon" and it looks like this:

foto source 
Aha! now you know why todays mani reminds me of it!
Now, into the review: The ethnic style stamping plate #BP-41 has three full nails patterns and five smaller designs including a zigzag shape, a dreamcatcher, lion's head, a deer's head and an unicorn's head.

The plate is very good quality and well etched, the images come beautifully and sharp! It comes with the regular blue plastic film for protection and has a paper back to avoid getting cuts while using it. I'm truly happy with this plate. I chose the pattern that reminds me of the frosting of a mille-feuilles :P and to do things right I chose two chocolate-y shades from Zoya. As a base I used the lighter toffee shade Zoya Chanelle, which applied beautifully in two coats, and to stamp I used Zoya Emilia, which I did not expected to perform so well. Both colors belong to the Naturel (deux) collection. I liked the finish without topcoat so I did not add one.

I like very much the final result and I'm very pleased with the plate. The   ethnic style stamping plate #BP-41 retail for only 2.99 USD at Born pretty store.
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I hope you've liked this review. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!