Hello sweeties! I have been absent for a long time, so many things have happened in these 4 months, you wouldn't believe. It has been a hard time for me and my family, but now it's over and I'm ready to take over with the blog, are you with me?
Well, where to start? Let's see... I have great news to share with you:

I'm expecting a baby girl!

Yep, I'm six months pregnant right now and the birth is expected for the beginning of May. I'm very happy, but it hasn't been all roses. In fact first 4 months of pregnancy have been very stressful. I had frequent huge hemorrhages with high risks of losing the baby several times, I don't even remember how many times I've been hospitalized for this reason, it's been a nightmare. We haven't been able to get rid of the fear until January when the risk diminished considerably and the reason of the hemorrhages disappeared. During this time I was feeling down and not really feeling like blogging or anything.

After all the odyssey, I must say that I'm starting to really enjoy the pregnancy and all that comes with it. I continue having more frequent medical controls than a normal pregnancy, but it is "just in case" no actual danger.
As you can see in the pic, during my absence all the pretty stuff kept accumulating and now I don't really know where to start! So I'm planning on posting quite regularly for a few weeks and try to catch up with the reading of all my fave blogs too.
It's so nice to be back :)