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Hello lovelies! how was your weekend?
Today I have an OPI novelty to share with you. It is about the recently launched new formulation OPI has created called "Infinite Shine". This is a system half way between nail polish and gel lacquer. It is applied and removed as nail polish but it is supposed to Shine and wear as gel lacquer. I decided to test it and share my thoughts with you.

Let me introduce you to the Infinite Shine system in case you don't know it: The system consists in three Steps: 1- Primer, 2- Colour and 3-Topcoat. OPI makes available a duo with steps 1 and 3 at a more convenient price, as the one I bought, or you can buy everything separately.

Application: You just apply your base or "primer" let it dry, then applied two coats of colours, and wait for them to dry, and finally add the gel topcoat. NO NEED TO CURE WITH LAMP. It should be easy as pie and here is the OPI official video showing how to apply it.

So I have bought the Duo of primer and topcoat and two colours. I decided to try first the pastel pink called "Pretty pink perseveres". I guess I made the bad choice of colour because it was streaky as many pastel pinks we already know! Even a second coat did not even out the streakiness, which is visible on my pics even after applying the topcoat. So about that I wasn't happy.

I wore this polish for 5 days, I applied it a Thursday and took it off on Monday. Curious to see how it looked like right before taking it off?

Well, that is not a pretty look. The promises of at least 10 days of wear did not hold for me. Shall I say that weekend I cooked for 30 guests, washed up endlessly and hosted a party for my boy with 15 children under 5?? Oh, yes that might have influenced the wear of my nail polish. I even broke a nail (look at my left thumb, ouch!). So ok, the test was harsh, and I suppose under "normal life conditions" the nail polish would have lasted longer. So just to be fair with it, I might give "Infinite shine" system a second chance (and I still have a pretty green to try from this line!).

The final veredict: The glossy shine is outstanding! But the wear very far from Infinite :(

I hope you have liked my review, and if you have also tried (or are willing to try) this new nail polish line I'll be very glad to know your opinion!!