May 26, 2018

Nail Art │ Pink and Lace Wedding manicure [26 Great Nail Art Ideas]

Hello, lovelies! Happy Saturday!

I'm like a busy bee today, preparing my 3-year-old girl her first Birthday Party! We will have pink decorations, balloons, games, and Hello Kitty cake made by.. ME! LOL I've always done my kids special cakes for their parties, and I quite enjoy it. My results aren't perfect but done with MUCH LOVE, that certainly shows! If you are interested in seeing what I'm coming up with for my gal's party, just follow me on Instagram Stories!

So, let's get into nail art! Today the  "26 Great Nail art Ideas Challenge" prompt us to create a "wedding" design. It isn't especific about being a "bride's manicure" or it could also be a mani that a guest could wear to a wedding, so it was pretty opened. This is what I have to share with you!
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