Sep 19, 2018

Korean Beauty │ The Face Shop Blueberry Firming Facial Mask [Review]

Hi, Sweeties! How are you today?
I hope you are doing great! I am super excited today because tomorrow I'll be going to Paris! I love that city so much, I've been there on several occasions, the last one was last year with my parents and we had a great time. This time I'll be staying for only one day, I'll attend a press event and come back home. I'll leave home early in the morning and come back before midnight (hopefully with both my shoes and no pumpkins ;) But I do have 6 full hours to spend on site, the event only takes 2 hours or so. I haven't travelled alone in a very long time! So I'm also a bit nervous about it, you know I get old and shortsighted, lol... but I think I can manage not getting lost in Paris, lol. In fact, it is a big city and I do speak French so it should be fine ;) If you don't have signs of me on Friday, then call 911, lol.

Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on a new Facial Mask I've tried and liked very much! It is The Face Shop "Real Nature" Blueberry Mask*, I tell you more about it after the jump.
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