May 21, 2018

Makeup │Festival Coral and Neon Pink Look [Monday Shadow Challenge]

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Happy Monday, lovelies!
We are still enjoying our three-day weekend, we are about to go out for a picnic with the kids, relax and enjoy ourselves. Is it also a bank holiday where you live today?

Today's Monday Shadow Challenge is more than bold, totally crazy! We ought to combine Coral and neon pink.  I definitely don't use this colours a lot, not on a day to day basis, not even rarely, it was a real challenge for me, I look at my picture and I don't recognize my style!! But I suppose that's fine for pushing my boundaries and doing things outside of my comfort zone. So today I give you two clever tips on how to wear neon colours on your makeup for a party, festival, or just to have fun! One is how to create your own DIY neon eyeliner, and the other is how to wear neon lipstick in a more subtle way. Without further ado, let's take a look.
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