Hello, lovelies! Happy Monday!
On our 38th day of social distancing, chances are many of us feel very stressed out. If anything, the uncertainty of when things will be back to normal or even what will happen when we go back to normal, is definitely something causing much worry for many of us. We are enduring all sort of problems, economical, emotional, mental, etc.
My mood during this coronavirus emergency has been up and down. I sometimes feel very positive and sometimes I'm totally overwhelmed. When the latter is the case, I tend to cumulate a lot of stress and I'm not always successful to release my stress out. What has worked best for me so far, has been working out and also doing a relaxing activity.
So I thought I could bring my little grain of sand, offering a couple of ideas from my domain, which is beauty and cosmetics to help ease a bit the stress and make it easier to relax. Keep reading to find out how I use skincare and cosmetic to help me relax!

Applying a facial mask

One of the easiest, fastest and more rewarding skincare gestures is applying a facial mask. This helps you relax for a few minutes, escaping your worries, while also benefit the health of your skin.
It is a very convenient beauty hack, because you can do it at home and you don't need any cosmetic knowledge to do it. Nowadays, a myriad of facial masks are available to buy online at your favourite beauty store! Be it a single-use sheet-mask or a tube for multiple uses, I have a few recommendations on my blog of very good maks that address different skin types and issues. Visit my Indepth Facial Mask Reviews to find detailed advice on which mask to choose for you!

Taking a relaxing bath

Last week, I was very stressed out, suddenly a lot of tension cumulated on my neck area preventing me from having a good night sleep. The lack of sleep drove me to more stress and a state of irritability, so I went down a vicious circle.

To get me out of there I decided to do something to help me release the tension of my neck and back, which would allow me to rest properly at night and have it easier the next day. I decided to take a good old hot bath. While looking for something "relaxing" to put in my bathtub I found two samples that a cosmetic brand sent me Earlier this year. The few samples of natural products including a relaxing bath oil and massage oil, which I did not really pay attention to until that day.

Let me tell you, that bath was the best thing that happened to me in DAYS!
The product I used was Melvita Relaxing Milky Bath oil*, it was enough for only one bath (it was a sample). The main ingredient in it is Lavender essential oil, so if you have that at home, I encourage you to try and add it to your bath tub!
The scent is natural and simply delightful. Closing my eyes, I was immediately relaxed, the soothing effect was so pleasant on my body and it really helped me rest much better that night!
If you have a bath tub, I definitely recommend you to take a warm bath with lavender oil right before bed and you'll sleep like a baby!

10 Minute Self comforting massage 

But what if you don't own a bathtub? There's when I give you my second tip: taking 10 minutes before sleep to give yourself a comforting body massage.
I found this technique among the press papers the brand Melvita sent to me a few months ago and I think it is simply genius! Those instructions are in French, but I will translate them for you. I've used the Melvita Relaxessence Comforting massage oil *and it was super effective! But I suppose any relaxing massage oil you have at hand will also work.

10 minutes to relax: do this self-comforting massage at home

Add several drops of oil to the palm of your hand, rub hands together to warm it. Massage into the body using circular movements with the palms and thumbs.

1. Pour a few drops of massage oil onto your hands.
2. With your thumbs and fingers massage your calf in a downward motion to your Achilles' tendon
3. Using your fist apply circular motions under your foot's arch.

1. Massage your hands palms pressing 5 seconds on the base of the thumb. Repeat 5 times on each hand
2. Pour a few drops of massage oil onto your hands.
3. Using your thumb, stretch the palm of your hande from the wrist towards the tips of your fingers. Insist particularly on the tips of your fingers.Repeat 5 times.

BACK: Back massage movements
1. Pour a few drops of massage oil onto your hands.
2. Massage around the kidneys from bottom to top with your fingers. Perform this motion 10 times.
3. Continue around the kidneys, add pressure for 5 seconds with your fingers. Repeat 10 times.

NECK: Neck massage movements
1. Apply 5 seconds of pressure to the base of the skull, 3 times.
2. Pour a little massage oil onto your hands.
3. Place one hand on the shoulder and massage the trapezius muscles, continuing on to the neck, 3 times on each side.

Bottom line

Not having other beauty resources than what we find at home or what we can order online, I think these three options can contribute a little to find relaxing moments during the Coronavirus lockdown.
On another note, I am very glad to have made use of these two products from Melvita that Attitude Bio Boutique has sent me. I think they are a perfect companion for this troubled times when we are all a bit stressed out.
I hope these two tips were somewhat helpful to you. I'd love your feedback! What do you do to ease the stress?


*Product received as a sample, courtesy of  Attitude Bio
Photo credits: Photo 1 by Angélica Echeverry on UnsplashPhoto by Hanna Postova on Unsplash, Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash