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Hello my sweeties! Have you spent a nice weekend? 
You might have heard, or seen the new Garnier Fructis range "Prachtauffüller" or "Full and plush", well this is new in Switzerland and a couple of weeks ago I received the shampoo and the conditioner of this range to try. I was thrilled because you know I am always seeking for some "magic" to make my hair look thicker and more voluminous. So I have put these two to the test: would you like to know my impressions?

Let's see, what is the promise of Garnier Fructis Full and plush range? They claim you can get thicker hair and a sensation of a more abundant hair after 7 applications, thanks to their formula based on Cylane fiber and pomegranate extract. I have used it four times so far but I am ready to give you a little more than my first impression.

Garnier Fructis Full & plush Fortifying Shampoo

the bottle is similar in shape to the rest of Garnier Fructis shampoo ranges, except these are a nice magenta shade, which I find prettier than the typical flashy green. 

The shampoo has a fruity scent, although I can't pin down what it is, it makes me think of red berries and pomegranate. Very pleasant and not at all overpowering on the bottle, it leaves a subtle fragrance on the hair for quite some time. I could still smell the scent after 24 hours of washing my hair, and hubby loved it!

Sugar cane extract, camelia leaf and pomegranate extracts are listed as well as apple fruit and lemon peel extracts, which I think is good. Concerning the ingredients, although I am not an expert, I notice two things, one is there are none of the known "parabens" listed, ant the second ingredient of the list is Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), which is used to make it "foam" and can be an irritant and contaminant. Well, it is a very common ingredient in drugstore cleansing products, so there is nothing shocking about this. Plus Garnier Fructis does not make a single claim about ingredients, but I like to mention it, so you know ;)

Shampoo application
Washing my hair with Garnier Fructis full and plush for the first time and I went: "WOW" so much foam! I should have used a much smaller quantity! In fact I have been using more gentle shampoo lately so that was quite a change for me. I didn't need a second shampoo, my scalp is more on the dry side and I do not use hair sprays or gels, so the clean sensation is quite immediate. After rinsing my hair feels already quite soft and not dry at all, my hair does not tangle extremely, but I still used the conditioner for the testing purpose.

Garnier Fructis Full & plush Fortifying Conditioner

Same thing with packaging here, same old Garnier Fructis bottle, except in magenta color. 

There is not much to add since the fragrance is the same as the one of the shampoo but a bit softer.

A similar case as the shampoo, the same fruit extracts are listed and there is not trace of "parabens".

Conditioner application
I applied a very small amount to my lengths and points, the effect is immediate, the hair is totally detangled and feels very smooth after rinsing.

My experience

I have used these two four times in two weeks. Yes I did not have to wash my hair that frequently since as I said my scalp is quite dry and my hair looked clean for a good three to four days. So I guess the 300ml bottle of shampoo is going to last me forever! lol

Since the first application, as soon as I blowed dry and styled my hair I had the impression of more volume in my hair, the roots are visibly lifted and the lengths do feel more fluffy but I could not say for sure the caliber of each hair has actually increased. That being said I still have not applied 7 it times as recommended. 

Let me illustrate with a couple of pictures. Unfortunately the comparison is not the fairest since in the second picture my hair is slightly longer in the back and shorter around the face, whereas in the older pic my hair has almost the same length front and back, which obviously adds visual volume. 

The following picture is my hair after blow-drying when washed with my usual products (Klorane Mango Shampoo and conditioner).

The next picture here below is my "fluffy" hair after blow-drying when washed with Garnier Fructis Full and Plush products. 

I guess, the appearance is "bigger hair", whether this will be a more permanent result, I mean if my hair will actually get thicker, I could not say for now. The downside is that my test might not be as accurate, because they recommend to use the Serum as a third step in the "thickening treatment" but for some strange reason I have no received the serum for review.

I do not know the recommended retail price, but I have spotted the range in drugstores and both shampoo and conditioner cost under 5 CHF per bottle. I doubt there is a better option for less money in the market, and that is a good thing!

Have you already tried Garnier Fructis Full and Plush range? Would you give it a try after reading this review? Let me know your opinions in the comments!!