Hello my lovelies, I hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Today I have some empty packages to share my opinions with you. Let's see what I've recently emptied.

NYX  Full Coverage concealer Light  weight, crease free. Provides smooth, long lasting coverage in CJ04 Beige. It does what it says. I used to love this one and used nothing but this one. BUT lately I have been feeling it is too much coverage for me, and that it shows too much. Like if my skin was needing something with less coverage and more brightening effect. While I still recommend this one to anyone with dark circles, I think I'll leave this one aside for a while. 

NYX HD Photogenic concealer. OK this is IT. Less evident concealing more brightening effect. It lasts pretty nicely with proper powder setting. I went through this tube and bought another. This might not be the most appropriate for concealing blemishes and dark spots on the face but does a good job around the eye area.

Clarins Gentle eye make-up remover. For sensitive eyes. This one won't remove waterproof mascara or waterproof anything. I got it because it said it was gentle with the eyes. That is my main issue! My eyes suffer (I don't usually wear waterproof anything because those formulas are too harsh for my eyes). This one takes away quite easily regular eye makeup, and leaves no residues thus my eyes are happy! Bought a second bottle already ;)

Montagne Jeunesse Green tea peel off. Using this mask as prep for Valentine's day made me think WHY the heck don't I use one of these every week! I had loved the feeling while applying it peeling it off was super easy, and skin looked so clear and felt so soft afterwards. I need more of this.

Clarins Hydra quench Cream-gel. This was a mini-size for normal to combination skin. I've already used the version of this with SPF for summer and liked it quite a lot. However, this mini-size does nothing for my thirsty skin during winter and it is not moisturizing enough to be used as night cream (at least for me).

Klorane Shampoo with almond milk. Volumizing and thickening. And so it does. This baby got me converted to Klorane! I am serious, after I finished this bottle I went out for more and came back home with Mango shampoo and also one for fortifying the roots. I don't know where to begin to rave about this brand. It is so adapted to my type of hair (dry and thinning) started using it last year, and quite soon realized my hair was clean longer than before. I always shampooed every other day. Then using this I started shampooing every 2 days, then 3, until I skipped shampooing for whole 7 days and my hair still looked clean! Ok, that was during winter, pregnant and with a broken foot, I give you that. I suppose working out and with higher temperatures I should have needed to wash my hair more frequently. But anyway this product changed the approach I had with shampoo and I cannot recommend it enough.

Have you try any of these products before? What have you used up lately that is worth mentioning?
I'd love to read your opinions!