Happy Friday sweeties! Getting ready for the weekend?
Today I'd like to talk a bit about hand care. Hand cream is an essential for nail bloggers, but also for anyone who works a lot with hands, specially after the long cold winter we have had!
Remember this luxury hand cream and exfoliant I've shown you from the Swiss brand Anasthasis? Well, today I have a new Hand cream from this line to recommend to you! This is "Pure" a Swiss made product focused on hand care that is Vegancruelty free and specially recommended for pregnant women!

Anasthasis is a Swiss brand born in Neuchatel, developping cosmetics 100%  Vegan with a high concentration of active ingredients. The brand is also committed with social responsibility as at least 50% of their ingredients come from Fair trade and totally cruelty free.

Last year as I became pregnant I had to stop using my Anasthasis products because they contain a high concentration of essential oils which are not indicated for pregnant women. Yes, natural stuff can be harsh too! As, for instance, many plants and essential oils, are known to have abortive effects or provoking labor.

When the nice owner of Anasthasis contacted me I told her about my pregnancy and she was so kind to send me this little gem which is specially adapted for pregnant women! She never ever mentioned I should review it, but it was a gift and she felt she "had to compensate me" as I could no longer use the other creams. I found that gesture so full of kindness! But however, that is not the reason for this review, but the fact the "Pure" is such a good hand cream and I'd like to share it here.

As I mentioned before the packaging is super fancy for a hand cream. It really gives me the feeling of using a luxury product. The list of ingredients is quite impressive too, Calendula oil, sweet almond oil, panthenol, ricin oil, are the main ones. The texture is less oily and sinks in better than the cream I tested in the past, I guess it is because there are no essential oils in "Pure". It leaves the hands super soft and moisturized for hours. I really like this product, plus it is more affordable at CHF 29.90 per 50ml bottle.

I'm very hapy with this product and it is one I'd surely buy again. What do you think about it?