Wow, don't panic! I did not become a zombie! :) well not literally at least. Neither I'm getting ready for Halloween, it's way too early for that. I just want to keep you up with some personal stuff because I promised to do so. If you are interested in knowing how I'm doing with my weight loss project, then keep reading.

Some when in the middle of June I published a post about my ongoing project of changing my lifestyle nutrition wise and by that my aim of loosing some weight. I started in May and by mid-June I had already lost 4 kg. I was in the right path when at the beginning of July I injured my foot. Then my exercising program blew up, and all the movements I can do can be synthesized as "the zombie walking" that's how I call it. NO, I'm not showing you in video!!
Well, if you insist

My walking speed is around 0.5 km per hour, and I drag my plastered foot around in a couple of heavy orthopedic boots that don't make things easier, but without which I could not be standing on my feet. The maximal tolerance time of walking for me is about an hour. As bad blood circulation due to the plaster cast make my foot swollen and blue if I don't put my foot up to let blood circulate. My boy has quickly figured it out and takes profit of the situation, he just starts running whenever I want to reach him, and obviously I can never catch him!! (the tortoise runs faster than me!)

funny gifs

 Well, that's that.

I had Fashion related plans for the second part of the year, I wanted to start including some fashion related posts in my blog, and I was so enthousiastic about it! But I simply had to cancel (or at least postpone) because I will have the plaster cast until end September and the horrific boots until end October (at least). And I can assure you there is no outfit on the face of the Earth that can suit this horrible boots :(

So there went my fashion plans through the drain... I guess I will stick to nails and makeup with the eventual skincare post, for the rest of the year ;)

Stay tuned! theres a little surprize coming right up!

Love you all,