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It's been a month since I last shared with you my everyday makeup routine, and in that time not only the temperature has risen 15°C but also so many (almost all) products have change in my makeup bag that it calls for an update!
I guess is due to the change of season, wardrobe (and mood?) that my everyday choice has changed so much! While in February I opted for muted eyes and cheeks and a strong wine tone lip, now I am going for dewy skin, glowing pinkish cheeks, glossy tinted lips and black eyeliner!

Primer: I am using Milani eyeshadow primer to hold the color, but nothing else on the face.
Ok, this hasn't change, still going with  NYX HD Photogenic concealer CW04 Beige mainly in the eye-area.
I was feeling the need of a lighter foundation and I'm currently using Lancôme Miracle Cushion (click to read the review on it), which I apply with a dupe of beauty blender. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and there is hardly any product left (wow! that was quick!)
Powder and highlighter :
I apply a very small amount of Chanel Poudre Universelle libre in Rose claire #22 to set my concealer and in the center of the face.
To give a highlight to the face I'm using Guerlain Météorites compact, I can't have enough of its smell!
It is the turn of cheeks to be the stars of the season, with a glowing healthy appearance I'm using Guerlain Météorites perles de blush Angelic radiance. 
No changes here, and I'm still using NYX eybrow cake powder.
Lately I'm opting for black liner, which might be an obvious choice for many of you, but I almost NEVER do black liner except if I'm rocking a smokey eye. Well, I do not always have the (time or)patience to do a cat flick, but if I do I go for NYX Epic black mousse liner (remind me this needs a review for itself) otherwise my loyal NYX retractable waterproof eye liner would do the job.
I've been using a sample of Lancôme Mascara Volume sur mesure for the past 15 days and I like it quite a bit.
I'm going for the easy choice Rouge Coco Shine in #63 Rebelle.

And this is how it looks on me, I had too much direct light and the effect on the cheeks is not that visible. But you can get a better idea on this post. Also please don't mind my messy up-do, gosh, what was going on with my hair here!? 

Has your makeup look changed with the season? Have you got anything new for the Srping? Let me know!