Hello lovelies!
So as promised I'm officially launching my own Season's makeup challenge. Keep reading after the jump to find out!
I've already chitchatted about it so if you missed that post head over here.
This challenge is very simple: at the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I've done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.
So how I decided what to use for this challenge? It was simpler than I thought. Not long ago I was going through my stash, trying to sort it, and I tossed a bunch of stuff I NEVER was going to wear (one must be realistic sometimes) and some stuff that had gone bad (rancid, eeeeek!) and then there was quite a few pieces I loved and were in perfect state but I had bought quite long ago. What should I do??? USE IT UP!! of course

For the first part of this Challenge my choice will be modest, because winter has started long ago and I only have 6 weeks left to use stuff.

My picks for the challenge are:

From top to bottom :

NYX round lipstick in #612 Lala
I'm not sure when I got this lippy but I think it was 2012, it still looks and smell great (because I used it so little, it is almost full) I have 12 NYX round lipsticks (!) so I guess I need to start using them up at one point.

Catrice Lasting dream lipstick in #070 Stay on
I also got this one previous to blogging and it was a favourite of mine, buttery, hydrating and long lasting. It is such a gorgeous rose shade, Catrice's lipsticks are the best drugstore lipsticks I've used and this is half used up. I don't recall using up a bullet of lipstick IN MY LIFE, so it will be very exciting if this happens!

Cover Girl Lipperfection Jumbo lipbalm #225
I won this in a giveaway in 2013 and I loved it a lot, it used to live in my purse. I've used up about the half of it and it is time to finish it!

NYX butter gloss Tiramisu
I got this one in 2013 or 2014, I can't remember, but I don't think I will be able to finish this one up, because it is almost full, but I like to combine it with the Catrice lippy, so we will see.

Chanel Quadra eye shadow 08 Vanités

This was my first Chanel Quad ever. I got it in 2009 or 2010, honestly I can't remember it was long time ago. It is a baked shadows quad, so I will never be able to finish it up, however I thought to include it in this challenge because it deserves a little love and to be featured before I toss it definitely.

Guerlain Crazy Terracota  
I got this powder when it came out for Holiday 2013. This powder is awesome. Seriously, my favourite winter bronzer ever and it was in my everyday makeup bag for about two years. But this winter I've noticed some areas of the powder have started to become hard, so I thought it is time to use it more steadily because I'm afraid I will have to toss it soon :'(

Here you are my first FOTD for this challenge:

So I will put these pieces in my everyday makeup bag and I will use them on a daily basis (not ALL at the same time, specially the lippies, LOL). Then on Sunday 20th March, The astronomical end of winter and beginning of Spring, I will post the updates with pictures to see how well I did using these pieces up!

If you also have some makeup in your collection that needs to be loved, you are most welcome to join me in this challenge!