Hello my lovelies! How are you doing today? I am super excited because I have OPI New Orleans Collection swatches to share with you. With this collection  OPI has manage to add a twist to our traditional spring and summer colours.

Though I'm a fan of OPI, it's been quite a while since I have loved a WHOLE collection this much. The last collection I recall loving each and every colour was The Nordic one. This time I am so inspired by the New Orleans collection I keep having nail art ideas with these colours just by looking at them. They are mostly cremes (my favourite finish for Spring) and they are vivid, vibrant but super girly and wearable.

Today I will be showing you the first 6 shades of the collection, which I like to call "the florals" just because they all remind me of nice flowers!

Let's start with the swatches, shall we? As per usual I'm showing you all the swatches without basecoat or topcoat, so you can appreciate how each shade behaves on application by itself. However, I always recommend using a basecoat to protect your nails and a topcoat to help your manicure last longer. Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them.

First is Let me Bayou a drink, which is describe as a blush pink. This pale pink has the most gorgeous and most subtle shimmer which gives it that porcelain look from afar that I find unique and adorable. Opaque in two coats and levels out nicely. If you're still looking for the perfect opaque pale pink let me recommend you to grab this one!
(This one reminds me of a delicate camellia flower)

The following is Humidi-tea, described as shimmery nude, I see a gorgeous pink-nude with silver and darker pink shimmer contributing to a gorgeous and unique pearl finish, very flattering on many skintones and great base for nail art! It is opaque in two coats (as shown in the pics).
(This colour reminds me of beautiful tea roses)

Suzi Nails new Orleans is up next, described as a light bright pink, a bubblegum pink, super cheerful! (it looks a tad brighten in real life than it does in pictures). A lovely creme, although the consistency is a bit thicker than other cremes in this collection the application is easy. It may show some brush dragging if you're not careful, but nothing a good topcoat couldn't take care of. It is opaque and totally smooth in two coats.
(This shade reminds me of fluffy peonies!)

The next one is I Manicure for Beads, which is described as a purple creme. Well I do not see purple but violet. My pics show it a tad bluer than what I see in real life. I am aware that colour description is also a cultural thing, so whatever you would like to call it, this is just GORGEOUS! I have absolutely NO dupes, and mind you I own over 150 purple and violet nail polishes. Its formula is perfection in my book, it almost applies by itself. I applied 2 thin coats and seemed perfectly opaque, however, looking at the macro closeups I concluded I should have done a third coat. But let's be honest WHO is EVER going to whatch your nails from THAT close? In real life two coats is purrrfect!, perfectly smooth and dries quite fast also as the formula is thinner than the other cremes from the collection.
(This shades reminds me of sweet violets.)

Spare me a French quarter is described as "mellowed raspberry creme", another colour that totally tricked me because I was sure I owned something similar, but no! All the pinks and berry shades I own are not eve close to this one, so it scored double: I don't have a dupe and it looks familiar to me. Lovely formula, similar to I Maricure for Beads just a tad more fluid, so I needed to be more careful when applying. It is also opaque in two coats, dries perfectly smooth and also quite fast.
(This shade makes me think of Cyclamens flowers)

She is a Bad Muffuletta steals the show. Described as "hot red creme", I see a hot coral-red crelly. It is definitely a crelly! and a good one! (note: crelly is a finish between a cream and a jelly)Totally opaque in two coats, smooth and so glossy you could use your nails as a mirror. This one is not so unique, I own a couple of very close dupes because I am a Coral-holic, but if you don't own a shade like this for summer, I'd say: what are you waiting for?
(This shade reminds me of poppies, of course!)

I am delighted with the first part of the collection, I think OPI has really manage to add a twist to our "traditional" Spring and summer colours. My personal favourites here are Let me Bayou a drink, I manicure for Beads and She's a bad Muffuletta. Which are your favourite so far? Stay tuned for the following 6 shades, more trendy colours to come for this Spring!

The OPI New Orleans Collection will launch in Switzerland on February 15th 2016, available in classic nail polish and GelColor and with the recommended retail price of 19.90 CHF/bottle (15 ml), you can find your nearest point of sale here: www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy.