Hello my sweeties! How was your long weekend? We had loads of fun, I also spent a lot of time cooking special dishes and treats for my family and friends, I have much enjoyed it. We had much fun and everyone seemed to appreciate the food, which for a half Italian family that's quite an important "detail" hihihi.

I haven't been blogging regurlaly lately, but I'm planning to come back to a regular posting and reading my fave blogs, I miss it a lot!

Today I have the first of a long overdue series of swatches, the nice Daria sent me some of the colours of OPI Brazil collection and though I've swatched them right away and wore them more than once, I never published the pics... Shame on me! So into the first one: I just can Cope a cabana.
I wanted this colour badly, the nail polish gods might have secretly helped me making OPI PR pick this bright yellow cream for me. Since I saw the promo picture, I was hoping to get it. Yellow creams are very under represented in my collection and for some reason the few I own do not have great formulas, I was secretly hoping this one would be the black pearl,.. ehm... or rather the yellow pearl.

I just can't Cope a cabana is perfect nuance wise for me. Some yellows are either too pastel or too bright almost neon. This one is bright but wearable (in my standards, of course I know many girls -my sister included- who would never wear yellow nails!). I can see my self wearing this colour a lot next summer I think it truly compliments my skin and makes it look a little tanned. Plus I already picture all its nail art potential!

Formula wise is not quite perfect, I'm afraid. Why is it that yellow creams are so "bitchy"? Consistency is nice, not too thick or too thin, it is totally opaque in two coats, but the brush does not glide flawlessly so a third coat is a must for achieving a smooth finish. Nothing too bad, I think it is by far the best formula comparing with my other yellow cremes, but anything that requires 3 coats looses points in my book. I don't want to be too harsh with my criticism because we all nail polish fans know good yellow cremes  are really hard to find. All in all not bad at all, though not perfect as OPI cremes can be. I painted three coats of yellow, though the colour is nice a glossy by itself I added a coat of seche vite to make the mani last as long as possible, I wore it for four days without a scratch or a sing of tip wear, pretty awesome in my opinion.

What do you think of this colour? are you the "yellow nails" kind of girl? I think this colour might also look nice as a pedi, have to try that next time.
Wish you all a lovely week!