Oct 16, 2015

NOTD: 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geeks

Hello sweeties! After a terrible week it's finally FRIDAY again! YAY!
Double YAY! because it is time for the 52 weeks challenge and another opportunity to see a ginormous amount of creative manicures with one prompt: Geeks

This week many things went wrong. Some bug with my public Picasa photo albums (I have one album where I keep all the nail art pictures) I have no idea what went wrong, but one day I woke up to see all my nail art blog posts where picture-less! Well I still have the pics and I plan on upload ing them again to each blog post. However, this week the whole family went down with the flu and my little gal couldn't sleep one single night, so ... well I'm tired as a human can be and of course putting my photos back wasn't in my priority list.

Enough of babbling here, it's time for nail art!! Of course don't expect anything fancy, this is all my poor tired brain could come up with given the circumstances, LOL.

A very simple mani anyone can achieve! For the base I used two coats of OPI 4 in the morning, a gorgeous black with silver microshimmer and satin finish. I then stamped using Bundle Monster plate BMXL-26 and China GlazeMetallic muse, which is a fantastic Aqua green chrome excellent for stamping. The design aim to represent something computer-geeky like The MAtrix or so.

Ok, I know, not brilliant, BUT you still have so many options here below in the inlinkz you have to find one (or many) nail art you love!!

Have a great weekend sweeties!


  1. There are 10 kind of people: those who understand binary and those who don't :-)

    1. Haha Andrea, I guess you're right! "We're just a bunch of zeros and ones " LOL
      Well I was just a bit geek in my teenage years, back in the day the screens where black the writing was white or green, and I programmed several simple "apps" better known as programs using qbasic language!!! Prehistoric!!!! We were so far from Java!!

  2. Very Digital-ish :D I love the accent nail more. And the color combo is amazing :D

  3. Quirky, I love it :-D And I love the finish!

  4. These are fantastic!!!! I love them!

  5. Ohh, I actually really love this manicure but I do have a soft spot for anything geeky. My husband is also working in the IT department. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Cool mani! I like the idea of binary code XD lol

  7. I really love this! Perfect geeky nails, I love the colour you used for the stamping because it does make me think of the inside of electronical...stuff... < see how technical I am. I hope the coming week is kinder to you all and you are recovering from your flu! Also thought I'd just let you know that I am currently having a giveaway that you are most welcome to enter :) xx

  8. Yeah, it's very digital! And I like the numbers :) It looks futuristic :)

  9. Great geeky mani, I like it :-D

  10. AMO esa placa! Los circuitos son preciosos <3

  11. Looks amazing. Go digital on digits(fingers)..lol :-)


  12. Yes, it looks so futuristic and it looks amazing! :-)

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