Happy Valentine's Day sweeties!!
If you follow me on Instagram you must have seen my excitement when I received a generous goodie bag from wet n wild cosmetics for Valentine's Day. I am super excited to share with you the look I created for this special occasion using the newest items from the brand and also my thoughts on each product.

I am quite new the wet n wild as a brand,  the only thing I tried in the past from them were a couple of eyeshadow palettes and some nail polish. But you know how I am always eager to try new brands and things so I couldn't be more excited when the mail man delivered this bag on my doorstep! These are cruelty free, moderns and fun colors super affordable and fairly good quality!

Except base products, I have literally everything I need to achieve a look, let's take a closer look to the items starting by the novelties.

Megaslick Balm Stains in "A Stiff of pink" and "Coral of the Story"

This Spring there are new shades adding to the range for a total of 12 to choose from at the stunningly low price of 2.90 CHF. I got a hot pink (E127 A stiff of pink) and a Coral that is so bright and radiant that it instantly illuminates the complexion (E1591 Coral of the Story). The lippies are super hydrating, hyper pigmented and comfortable to wear. As it is expected from the name the leave a durable stain on the lips, that can easily be removed with biphase remover.  I'm in love with the bright coral, so my choice for Valentine's day couldn't be any other than this.

Megaslick Lip gloss in "Candy Floss"

This is a new range including 17 shades of lip gloss that retail for 3.90 CHF. I got the shade E5473 Candy Floss which is practically clear, but super glossy, it is very light reflective and comfortable to wear. It has a delicious fruity scent with a hint of vanilla that I love. It can be worn on its own or over lipstick. I personally prefer this second option because I need a little more colour on my lips.

Swatches: Top Balm Stains in "A Stiff of pink", middle Balm Stain in  "Coral of the Story" and bottom Megaslick Lip gloss in "Candy Floss"

ColorIcon Blusher in "Apri-cot in the Middle"

There are three new colours in the ColorIcon Blusher this Season, to a total of 5 to choose from. I got the shade E3272 Apri-cot in the Middle and I'm enchanted! It is the perfect blush for coral lip  lovers like me. You know when you have bold coral lips strong blusher can look "too much". This has the right hue, it is not overly pigmented that pale gals like me wouldn't dare wear, it has a subtle natural colour that can be built up in pigmentation and lasts decently for 6+ hours. It is a total winner for the price (4.90 CHF) and I'll be definitely going to check other shades.

Megalast Lipcolor in "Dollhouse pink"

This is also a new shade for Spring in the long wearing lipstick range. I find this shade a bit unflattering on me, but boy, does it feel comfortable on the lips! On me this lasted for 4 hours before starting to fade, it resisted drinking with a straw but not eating. All in all, a very nice discovery that got me curious to try other shades.

Ultimate Brow Highlighter "Highlight of my life"

In total honesty, I never use eyebrow highlighters, hihi. Oh, well, I know. I'm totally out of the pronounced-perfect-bold-Instagrm-brows trend. BUT, I did try this one and found it a little too creamy, as the tip of the pencil broke (twice) while I attempted to use it. That being said, the product blends like a dream into nothing and has a very natural finish, so I might be including a highlighter in my routine when I go for a more polished look.

Swatches: on the left "highlight of my life" Brow highlighter and on the right Megalast Lip color in "Dollhouse pink"

MaxFanatic Cateye mascara

I'm not sure if this mascarais a novelty, but OMG! Where has this been all my life! I have never seen a wand like this before and was a little skeptical when I first opened it, but I'm totally converted to it now! I love it and this has to be my number one recommendation for affordable mascara of 2017. It gives volume, length and separates my poorly lashes without effort. I do not need 367 coats, the product really covers each lash unoformly. I highly recommend it!

Felt tip Eyeliner in Black

This has to be the only deception.  I could simply not test this product as the felt tip was completely dry. I don't know what went wrong, the package was perfectly sealed so I'm not sure what happened here.

Megaglo Contouring palette in "Dulce de Leche"

This duo of contouring and highlighting powder is actually quite cool. The powder is nice and fairly "creamy", easy to apply and to blend. The contouring shade is a tad warm for me, but it does a great job as bronzer. The highlighter is very subtle and appropriate for an everyday look. Definitely an item to have in mind if you're looking for an affordable palette.

And here is the Eyeshadow palette I already owned (bought myself) from the brand that I used especially for today's Valentine's makeup look.

My Valentine's Makeup Look

As I was decided to put the accent on the lips with this super bright Coral shade, I chose to do a neutral brown eye makeup, very subtle. At frst I thought  of a winged eyeline with a bold lip, Alas that was not possible, so I finally used a lovely golden khaki crayon to define my eyes and compliment the whole with the contouring duo and the gorgeous blusher.

What do you think of this look? Have you done anything special for Valentine's day makeup wise? Did you know any of the makeup items from Wet N Wild that I showed? Please, Don't be shy and leave your comments below!