Hello, my lovelies! Happy Friday!
Valentine's day has passed but love is still in the air, so today I have a new Love themed  nail art design and a new nail art review to share with you. The 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge prompted us to create a "love" nail art but not using pink or red. For creating it, I used is a beautiful multichrome loose pigment from BeautyBigBang store*. I show you how this powder changes magically your manicure. I really hope you like it!!

BeautyBigbang Chameleon Nail Chrome Powder Pigments

Ever since the loose powders to transform your manicure came out, I've been head-over-heels with them. They are very popular on the nail art community and you can see lots of Instagram and Facebook videos showing application.

But if you have never seen them before, let me tell you how they work. Basically, these are pure pigment loose powders that can be applied on top of our nail polish to achieve a great "mirror" like metallic finish, that either shifts colours when exposed to different angles (what we call "duochrome effect") or has holographic particles that display all the colours of the rainbow! In this case, I didn't choose holographic powder (but you can see some here if that interest you!) .

The principle is to paint your nails with any colour and let it dry a bit, normally until the surface is "touchable". Using a topcoat is another option. Once your polish is ready, you take a bit of powder with your sponge applicator. BeautyBigbang's pigments come with two double ended applicators! but these are very easy to find as they are regular eyeshadow applicators. The loose powder is very very finely milled and you want to be very careful not to make a mess, work on a piece of journal or a surface you can easily clean ;). The application is super easy, you just gently rub the pigment onto your nails! You'll notice that the pigments stick to the polish, but it also goes a bit every where, on your cuticles and fingers. DON'T worry! Once you are happy with the result on your nails, you ahould apply a coat of clear topcoat to seal the powder and wait for it to dry. Once the nails are dry, you can easily wash off the excess powder and your manicure will look flawless!!

I got two different colours of Chameleon powder (references: J2952-6A is purple/green, J2952-7A is golden/green). The powders can be used on top of regular polish or on top of gel nail polish. For the latter be sure to use a no-wipe topcoat! They are very easy to apply and remove, very little product is needed to cover the nail completely. You can see both pigments in action on my pictures!

The BeautyBigbang Chameleon Nail Chrome Powder Pigments come in a 0.2g pot that retails for 2.75 USD and is available here.

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My Love themed manicure

To create my Love themed manicure I firs painted my nails with soft pink colour and waited for it to be dry on the surface. I then gently rubbed the pigments on the surface of my nail polish to make it nice and even. Once I was happy with the result I sealed the pigments in with a clear topcoat and washed the excess that lay around my cuticles. Then I stamped some Heart-shaped designs using MoYou Londo black stamping polish and the MoYou London Alice Collection #06. And that was all! 

So that was my shiny manicure for Valentine's day, which we will celebrate tomorrow with the husband. What do you think? Do you like the effect these pigments give to the manicures? Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below for more Love themed manicures!