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It's time to talk about something I rarely address here in the blog: hair care! I have been testing three products from the Farouk Systems Royal Treatment line*, one of the most sumptuous ranges of tthe widely known CHI Hair Care company. Today I'm ready to share with you my experience and opinions on these fantastic products!

Those who know me well, know that I'm quite proud of my hair, and those who know me very well, also know that I don't really do much for it! I hit a salon once per YEAR, yes you read right. I wash it every 3-4 days (a bit more often in summer), I rarely use conditioner as my hair doesn't tangle. I style it once in a blue moon, mostly I just blow-dry it (because it takes ages to air-dry and in winter I'm cold with wet hair). Therefore, I use styling products once in a blue moon and, in the rare "emergency" occasion, I reach out for dry shampoo. I don't colour my hair by any means and some days I hit the street without even combing it...
So, I am not here to pretend being a hair guru! Still, I think my hair is in a pretty good shape and my hairdressers always (once per year) make compliments on its excellent condition.

My hair does tend to be dry, so I choose more hydrating shampoo and conditionner, I also like my hair to have volume. You know the rule "the bigger the hair looks, the slimmer the hips seem" ;) It's all a question of balance, LOL.
I had almost finished up all the shampoos I got in my annual haul last year and I was trying to think what to try next? When Parfumcity.ch contacted me to announce me they now have Farouk systems range in their assortment and if I would like to test some! Talk about good timing! I was super excited but had a really hard time choosing because there are so many options for different hair issues! But when I saw the "royal treatment" line, I looked no further, who wouldn't want to be treated like royalty? The range addresses mainly two of my concerns, dry hair and volume, so it sounded quite suitable for me.

"Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI gives you everything you need to achieve beautiful hair using the finest quality ingredients. Achieve perfect balance and harmony with rare and exotic ingredients of White Truffle and Pearl, which have been coveted by the nobility of ancient civilizations and since for their amazing effect on hair and skin."

The packaging

This treatment line is aimed for professional use (but also to be used at home) that is why it comes in huge sizes: 335ml or 946ml. Which I LOVE, I always choose bigger sizes when I can because that means less waste afterwards. But if the size scares you when you are trying new hair care, some of the products are also available in travel size 30ml bottles! I think that is smart.
The packaging is simple but quite adorable, the bottles are slender in red plastic with a cap in a crown shape that becomes a dosing system when you turn it. Turn the cap, squeeze the bottle, that's it. There is no risk of spilling, or getting water into the product. I find this so practical for a big size bottle! Especially because I wash my hair in the shower and some professional lines packaging are so not practical (hello Kerastase I'm looking to you).

The scent

All the products of the Royal Treatment range have the same exquisite scent. It is so sumptuous, rich and flowery, it is like spring in a bottle. The fragrance perdures in the hair for about two days after use, which I love! I got so many compliments on the scent, my hubby couldn't pass near me without sniffing my hair and a lady behind me in the grocery's cashier line said "oh, madam, you smell so good, what is your perfume?", she couldn't believe it was my shampoo!

Farouk Royal Treatment Hydrating Shampoo

This shampoo, as the whole Roal Treatment line, is formulated with white truffle and pearl. I'm not certain what those ingredients are supposed to do for my hair, but they do sound quite luxurious. The range is also formulated without sulfates and without parabens, which is always a good thing.
I found this information on their website:

"Indulge hair with a rich hydrating cleanser that has a luxurious blend of ingredients which provides an extra gentle, moisturizing lather. This concentrated formula nourishes dry, damaged hair while preserving and maintaining color."

The shampoo claims to be hydrating for dry, damaged and overworked, color-treated hair. My hair is only a bit dry and none of the other conditions. But in my experiece, I've loved this using the shampoo! Firstly, a little product goes a long way. I have quite long hair and when using other products I have to apply a large amount to feel my hair clean. This is not the case with this hydrating shampoo, only a few drops it lather generously, cleaned my long hair and scalp in one go. It rinses off leaving my hair feeling soft and clean. It doesn't feel greasy or with tacky residues, and I find it very gently as it doesn't irritate my scalp in the least.
I loved how my hair looked and felt, and how it smelled after washing it! I had chosen the small size for the shampoo in order to try, but I am definitely getting a full size of this one!
The Farouk Royal Treatment Hydrating Shampoo comes in 30ml bottle (bigger sizes available) and it's available at parfumcity.ch

Farouk Royal Treatment Volume conditioner

This conditioner is also formulated with white truffle and pearl powder, as well as rice and silk proteins, which are supposed to nourish the hair fibres and give them shine. The conditioner is also formulated without parabens, but it does contain silicones halfway in the ingredients list (for those who care). Silicones give a great body to hair, adding volume and flexibility, but for many people that is an environmental concern. As far as I know, most professional hair care brands contain silicones.
I found this information on their website:

"Conditions while adding incredible volume and body to the hair with a luxurious blend of ingredients. Lightweight moisturizers improve manageability while revitalizing the hair for exceptional volume and body."

The product claims to be volumizing conditioner for fine, limp and colour-treated hair, none of which is really a condition of my hair. BUT, my hair tends to get a little flat in the roots the second day after washing, probably because I don't use styling products.
I used this conditioner once per week, but every time I used it was WOW volume assure. I kid you not this baby means serious volume! However, I noticed mostly my lengths have gain volume, that is because I don't apply conditioner to my roots EVER. So next time I'll be choosing the volumizing shampoo and the hydrating conditioner to address both my concerns in the best way possible.
I loved the big hair this conditioner gave me, how soft and silky to the touch my hair was, and how easy to style it as well!
The Farouk Royal Treatment Volume Conditioner comes in 355ml bottle and it's available at parfumcity.ch

Farouk Royal Treatment Dry Shampoo Spray

Last but not least, the "mom-running-late" saviour that everyone should keep in their vanity just in case: the Dry shampoo spray! This shampoo is also formulated with white truffle and pearl, also contains alcohol, aluminium starch and rice starch.
I found this information on their website:

"Dry spray refreshes hair between washes, instantly removing oil, to help maintain the body and life of your style.."

The shampoo claims to be oil absorbing refreshing spray and give body and clean appearance to your hair without water. I only rarely use dry shampoo, but I must admit it has saved me in a couple of occasions, so I always like to keep a bottle around just in case. One of my favourite dry shampoos is Klorane (which I have featured in this blog in many posts), however, Klorane dry shampoo is very powdery and leaves behind a white cast, and if you ever overapply it in a rush (that's usually how I apply dry shampoo, lol) you end up with grey hair. Clean, but grey.
The Royal Treatment dry shampoo is CLEAR. It has bsolutely no colour to it what so ever. I was surprised to notice this at first, and a bit sceptical about is efficacity... How is it going to clean my hair if it has no powder? Well, don't be fooled, it cleans my hair perfectly it gives body to my hair and allows me to style it and skip washing for one more day!
I did a photo demonstration for you. The first picture was taken on Thursday morning, I had washed my hair for the last time on Monday. My roots were greasy, the locks separated in sections (because dirty) and stuck to my scalp, I couldn't go out like this without washing my hair! So I thought it was a great challenge for this little new dry shampoo. I spritz the dry shampoo following the instructions and styled my hair as usual. Tadaaaa! the second picture my hair looks fine! Plus the hair smells really good like if it was freshly washed.

BEFORE dry shampoo application

BEFORE Dry shampoo application

AFTER dry shampoo application

AFTER dry shampoo application

I love, love love it and this is a keeper! I know dry shampoos last me for about a year, lol, but this is one I will repurchase for sure!
The Farouk Royal Treatment Dry Shampoo comes in 198g  bottle and it's available at parfumcity.ch

Bottom line

This was an excellent discovery for me! I was familiar with other CHI ranges, but the Royal Treatment was a real surprise. I love all three products and I certainly recommend you to try any of them!

What about you? which is your main hair concern? what are your hair care preferences? Let me know in the comments!


* Press samples, kindly sent by parfumcity.ch . All opinions are my own and 100% honest.