Hello my dears! How was your weekend so far? We have many things going on with our new home, and I like that, so I've been enjoying my weekend a lot!
Today I want to show you what I purchased during the exceptional sale NYX cosmetics Switzerland was having during the month of October (gosh, can't believe I'm so late with this post!). It is a Nail Art Polish Army!! lol.
I've got these for 0.99 each, so I'm pretty sure NYX will discontinue the nail art polishes and it was more a clearance sale (they don't state that, it's me supposing it).

They had 25 colours, or so, from which I've *only* picked 13.
From left to right :
top row: NA18 Light green, NA22 Hotpink, NA15 Green glitter, NA09 Gold glitter, NA19 Red glitter.
middle row: NA04 Black, NA06 White, NA16 Silver, NA23 Gold.
Bottom row: NA17 Blue, NA07 Red, NA13 Deep Blue, NA03 Yellow,  NA01 Green.

The first one I tried was the light green, and it was runny and sheer :(  it looked and smell as they had add a ton of thinner to it, so I guess they had this stocked since about forever and this came out bad. Then tried the silver, and there we're talking! I have used the white for doing this manicure, and the red glitter and green in this manicure. I haven't try all of them yet, but I will, and if you own any of these and want to give me your opinion, It'll be very welcomed!
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