Jan 11, 2013

NOTD: Essence Snow Jam LE Life is a freeride

 Hello dears! Happy Friday!!
I hope you're doing well, any nice program for the weekend? Today I have for you a new shade called Life is a Freeride, from the latest Essence LE Snow Jam. This is a gorgeous and intensely pigmented teal shimmer, that is a one coater! It is the thick side, but it applies nicely and it goes were you want it. For the picture I'm wearing two coats with Seche vite on top, and I had a little shrinking :( that is what you see and not tip wear.

I'm a little fed up with shrinking. It happens to me so very often and it's due to seche vite. I usually take the pictures as soon as I paint my nails, so it is not noticeable, but today I took the picture later and the result is you can see the tips of my nails peeping under the polish.
I'm trying other top coats but haven't found one that please me yet. Any suggestions?

Please, don't be shy and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I love this color, I bought it, too.

    In question of topcoats, I'm pretty happy with Essence Better Than Gel Nails To Sealer. I also got a bottle of Cult Nails Wicked Fast, which is supposed to be great, but I haven't used it yet. I tried Essie Good to Go, but I think it's not really better than the Essence one, but much more expensive.

    1. another vote for essence btgnts, it's my lifesaver! i hear a lot of girls complaining about seche and shrinking.
      i'm sad i missed out in this polish, it looks so good!

    2. @Aglaya, thanks so much for your advice! I will definitely try it. I use a lot of topcoat and don't want to spend all my money on it, so the cheaper the better, :P

      @shine eye, thanks for the advice, I'm convinced now! and don't be sad you missed it out, you never know who might be doing a giveaway anytime soon ;)

  2. Interesting shade of green, I like it.

  3. Hi lovely Nati, I looooooooove this on you dear!!!! I got it too but since I had to be a little bit corporate this week I stashed it away for next week or so. Shrinking polish: I love Butter London Hardwear. It is not cheap but the bottle is bigger and it keeps its high shine easily up to three days. The Essence Top Coat mentionned above gives bubbles on my nails. I also like the 45 seconds Speed Top Coat from NailNation 3000. I also sometimes use Poshe or Essie Good to Go. I have to admit, Oh and Butter London does not get gloppy!!!! xxx

    1. Thanks for your sweet and helpful comment Christine! Oh, don't tell me the essence topcoat gives bubbles, I hate them!! Maybe more than shrinking polish.
      I'd love to try Butter London, where do you buy yours?

  4. I love the swatches, Gorgeous colour!

  5. What a gorgeous shade Nati!! I love it!
    AND it's a one coater too! :D
    Do you apply Seche Vite to the free edge of your nails as well as on top of the nail...? This normally prevents shrinking for most polishes.
    If you don't - give it a try!
    Baci cara!

    1. Ciao bella! I saw your awesome glitter skittles, wonderful!

      I was doing my nails while reading comments and saw your advice in time. I did cover the edges with seche vite, and no shrinking!! (so far)
      But... I'm wearing an OPI colour, and I almost never get shrinking with OPI and SV.. how strange is that?
      Thanks for your great advice! baci, xx

    2. I'm so glad to hear that you haven't experienced any shinking so far! :D Hope this litte advice helps to all polishes! I often paint the free edges both with the polish and then with SV too.
      I'm sure you know this too but you also have to apply SV while your base polish is still wet otherwise it may shrink.
      It's funny, I never saw my glitter test as a skittle until you and Polished Marvel wrote it! :D I just saw it as a glitter test ;) but you are so right! It is a skittle mani! :D
      Can't wait to see what OPI you have applied!! Baci! xx

  6. wow, this swatch is so beautiful and the colour is beautiful!
    I've had issues with essence's 'gel look top coat' because it takes forever to dry but sally hansen make some very good top coats and they have a really good combined base and top coat.
    Hope you are well :)

  7. I love the shimmer in this polish! I also love the base color and the fact that it's so opaque! Just lovely!

  8. It's a great polish, I got it too. And you caught the colour perfectly!
    The shrinking happens to me with Essence top sealer, I hate it. :/

  9. Great shade of green and it looks good on you! :-)
    For a long time I use NYC n° 138 Classy Glassy top coat and I didn't have problems with shrinking :-)


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