Jan 4, 2013

Going back home

Hi my dear readers, I hope you've all begun the 2013 with peace and happiness! I want to apologize to all my readers because I haven't been posting a lot, nor reading or commenting other blogs while on vacation in my home country.
The past 3 weeks have been very nice and unusual for the three of us, we've had the chance to share with the family and friends, and also to relax and charge our batteries with good vibes!
Today we are heading back home. As usual goodbyes will be hard, and the return trip will seem eternal :(  Once home we have so many things to do!! these year will be very busy, and I'm happy it is the case. We'll go back to the responsibilities and the routine, but I'll be also able to dedicate a little more time to blogging.
I hope you're all doing great, wishing you all the best!


  1. Vacations are supposed to be a break so don't appologize! ;)
    I've missed you of course so come back safe and rested!

  2. Fun that you get back! Great to hear that you have had nice time with your family, and as Little Miss Nailpolish says, no need to apologize! :D Looking forward to see more of you in the blogospere! Have a safe trip home! :D

  3. I look forward to more blog posts :-) I only discovered your blog a while ago but it looks good!

  4. By the time I type this you probably are already close to Switzerland!!! I am so happy for you and your family to have enjoyed such a wonderful time!!! Of course no need to apologize!!! However I am happy to get you back soon, I missed you xxx


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