Jan 5, 2013

New Catrices Ultimate Nail Lacquer in my stash! (and skittles

From the left: 200-From Dusk to Dawn, another version of 200-From Dusk to Dawn, 905-Steel my soul, 900-Steel my heart

Hi Lovelies! How is your weekend going? I bet you're enjoying it!
I had this pictures in my drafts since beginning of October, and thought I it was about time I share them with you ;P
Last year Catrice had a bunch of new shades in its main nail polish line, of which I've picked four: two of the Brushed Metal effect and two blues. I also picked a raspberry red, a multichrome which is similar to Chanel Peridot and two taupe-y mushroom shades, which are in fact named the same (?) ! but those are not "new".

From the left: 200-From Dusk to Dawn, another version of 200-From Dusk to Dawn, 905-Steel my soul (new), 900-Steel my heart (new)

From the left: 880-No Snow Petrol (new), 840-Genius in a Bottle, 875-It's all I can Blue (new), 360-Raspberryfields Forever
From the left: 880-No Snow Petrol, 840-Genius in a Bottle, 875-It's all I can Blue, 360-Raspberryfields Forever

I cut out the skittles, because I thought that you can't really appreciate the colours like this. In fact in the second picture Genius in a bottle is totally stealing the scene but the other colours are pretty as well.

 200-From Dusk to Dawn (I): this version is a dusty greish purple (we can say this belongs to the "Paradoxal" family) with very subtle shimmer.
 200-From Dusk to Dawn (II): Is a taupe crème not too warm not too cold.
 905-Steel my soul: Is a grey-ish taupe cool toned with golden shimmer, and the new brushed metal finish.
 900-Steel my heart: Is an awesome brown-ish dark grey with golden and turquoise shimmer. I've done a review of this one here.
 880-No Snow Petrol: Is a light teal with the most beautiful blue flash - that needs (deserves) a pic in the sun :(
 840-Genius in a Bottle: Is a gold-green duochrome that falls in the Chanel's peridot family, but this one definitely shows the brush strokes.
 875-It's all I can Blue: It's the brightest cornflower blue creme, this picture is the most accurate I could get, considering my camera went nuts trying to take this on a photo.
360-Raspberryfields Forever: Is a beautiful creme shade right between red and pink, which I love! Yummy

I'm so happy with my new catrices, I have so many ideas how I would wear these. Is there any in here that appeals to you? Have you picked up any of the "new" shades?


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  1. I really like the Blue something one and Steel my heart really stole my heart!! It's gorgeous!!
    It's a real pity you can't get Catrice here in Sweden...
    Hope all is well with you Nati!

    1. Ciao cara! Steel my heart is my favourite too!
      bacioni! xx

  2. I don't own Raspberry Fields Forever, as I don't wear red polish very often, and I don't have Genious in a Bottle, as I own the original Péridot. But I do have all the other polishes you showed in my stash, too.

    1. Hi Aglaya! thanks for your comment!

  3. Awesome picks!!! I think they are all beautiful (yep - will have to go and get some of those). My favorite (of course) is All I can Blue!!! And I need that Rasperry shade.

    1. Hi Christine, so glad you liked them! The raspberry red is so pretty and bright!
      I hope you're doing great, xxx

  4. Oh, so many pretty polishes there! I have Steel my heart and Steel my soul and love them!

    1. Where did you get those??
      I'm so curious!!

  5. Sadly I can't get hold of them here in Sweden.. But I liked your swatches. :) All I can blue looks awesome. I guess I would have wanted the peridot-dupe if I wouldn't already have had the OPI and CG dupe of it. ;)

    1. Hi Gelic! Those are certainly two great Peridot dupes! I have none of them though I hesitated to get the OPI one.

  6. Steel My Soul pleeeaaassseee lol !! Happy New Year Nati :)

    1. Hi Vicky! thanks! HAppy new year to you too!
      Steal my soul it is a pretty one, I agree but I prefer steal my heart.

  7. no entiendo son dos versiones de dusk to dawn?

    1. Si! qué loco no? Es que creo que Catrice, en un momento dado, renovó toda su línea permanente de esmaltes, la mayoría de los colores "viejos" desaparecieron, pero algunos (como dask to dawn) fueron re-actualizados, con un toque más moderno. Mi tienda local se vé que tenía todavía la versión vieja en stock!


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