Jan 28, 2013

New Essence Hugs & kisses LE: my picks

Hello my darling readers! We start a new week so today I have new things to show you!
This is about the new Essence Limited Edition for Valentine's day and it's named Hugs & kisses. This is a collection with many, many nail polishes, of which I've picked none! It was so sad to see the display completely ravaged! but only the nail polish was missing! well, if you want to see what the whole collection looks like click here, you might be luckier than me!

What caught my eye, in spite the lack of polishes, was the cute eyeshadow palette in 01 Love at first sight, so very spring-y that I "had" to pick it.

The palette has 4 pearly shades: lilac, lime green, baby pink and champagne pink. Not greatly pigmented but very soft. Please, note the swatches are without primer.  

I've also picked a lip scrub in 01-be my Valentine, which is fruity scented, not bad. It's a good scrub, it does what it's suppose to do, moisturize your lips and help get rid of dry skin on them. I have been wishing so hard for an affordable lip scrub!! this is the answer if you don't want to spend more than 3USD.

Last but certainly not least, I could get my hands on some nail art stickers in 01 Crazy about you, which is great!

Have you spotted this collection? Anything that interests you in it?
I'd love to read your thoughts!
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  1. Anonymous28/1/13 19:23

    I love the stickers!! They are seriously too cute!


    1. Thanks for reading Jasmine, I think so too!

  2. Great shopping, the eyeshadows has lovely colours, you'll look great in that in the spring and summer.
    The lipscrub sounds great and the nailstickers are really cute. :-)

    1. Hi Ann-Sofie! Thanks so much for commenting. I wish we had warmer weather already, so I can feel inspire to wear these! :)

  3. Hello my dear Nati! How are you? I love this collection. Such springlike and happy colors. What a shame to have missed the polishes, they look lovely. I will pass my local Coop tomorrow and hopefully Manor sometime this week, let's see if anything is left in the racks - last Saturday they still had the Sale box in place of the usual rack. I am still not over the weird different release dates in such a small country like ours :-( xxx

    1. Hi Christine! I'm fine, thanks, what about you? Isn't that crazy such "décalage"? well, hope you're luckier than me, there was one pretty green in there ;)

  4. Anonymous28/1/13 20:59

    That lip scrub looks good.

  5. Haven't seen this yet! Really want to try that lip scrub

  6. Ciao bella!! :D
    This looks great!! I can't wait to see what you'll do with the stickers!! :D
    Your last stickers mani with the hearts was awsome!!


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