Hello my lovelies! How was your weekend?
Mine was fine! We had nice dinner with friends on Saturday, and a lovely family Sunday, so can't complain.

Today I'd love to share with you one holo-ish polish I got in Italy. This is Pupa Holographic nail polish #032 Emerald, a lovely aqua green, with a medium/subtle linear holo effect.

This is my third holo polish, and this Holo-fever is really growing in me! I owe that to two of my favourite bloggers which have the most amazing collections and some mind-blowing holo polishes! Of course I'm talking about the lovelies Christine and Jezzica. Only 6 months ago I would still think holo polish was not for me... and 2 moths ago I got my two first holos from China glaze without much expectations. Now look at me haunting for holo polishes when I'm on vacation!! So I guess I'm helplessly becoming holo-addict, LOL!

I'm still in the minor leagues with this polish but, hey, it's quite a pretty shade! I applied one coat of pupa Emerald over Mavala002 base coat, no topcoat, and I must admit application was much better than expected. The consistency was quite thick, but not gloopy, and it gave me a decent time of application without incidents, and though I had to apply a medium coat instead of a thin one, as I would have preferred, there were noo brushstrokes no bold spots, no dragging, etc. So, after having had the most horrendous experience of application with China glaze Galactic gray, I'd say Emerald was a "dream" to apply ;)

I'm very pleased with the brand Pupa so far, because formula was a nice "surprise" for me and, as you might have guess, this one was not the only Pupa polish I got in Italy! 

What do you think of this polish? do you like the shade? have you been stung by the holo-bee? :D
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