Hi my dears! How are you today?
I haven't finish yet to show you all my Italian nail polishes and I have for today a really lovely duochrom-ish from the brand Pupa named Afro Iridiscent #730.
I fell in love with the colour in the bottle, but it was not the same on the nail. It looks much lighter and greener on the nails than in the bottle. The formula is not bad, and the consistency is quite nice, but the application was "welcome to Brushstrokeland" and it was all the fault of the thinnest brush on Earth!! Gosh, who can think a metallic shade could be applied smoothly with such a thin brush.

Please, let me rant here, the brush is about 3mm wide. With standard drugstore brushes being around 4 mm wide, you might think "is not that bad..." but the brush bristles are few and do not spread in any way, so it looks and acts like a striping brush! My nails are not that wide, but I needed 4-5 strokes just to cover my nail width, but that would have given me the worse application ever, so I ended up doing 2 coats, and the second quite thick coat took me 7-8 strokes per nail... so not good looking for a metallic :(

Well, now that my rant is done let me continue the review. I applied 2 coats over my usual basecoat, and ended with a coat of sechevite in a desperate attempt to smooth the brush strokes a bit.
The colour itself is very pretty, and I find it compliments my still slightly tanned skin tone. It has a very subtle colour shift between light green and green-acqua-blue, which is not the strongest duochrome effect out there, but still visible.

I had the impression sechevite did a good job smoothing the whole thing, specially when seen from afar, but on the direct sunlighted pictures, you can see the mess.

How have you liked this colour? Do you own any similar colour? from which brand? Do you own any great colour with a lousy brush that makes you loose your nerve?
If you have some brush-rant pending, Let it all out! ha ha!