Hello my dears, happy Saturday!
What is so Mysterious about Fall? It may sound strange but I'm quite happy Fall is here. I hate rainy dull days, but I love so many other things of this season that compensate for the humid weather. I'll just give you an example: Chanel Le vernis 601 Mysterious.

 This is such a gorgeous shade, I know is a creme, no shimmer, no glitter, nothing over the top, but for me is very elegant and chic. I truly believe Fall maybe the most "chic" (or the chicest?) season. While all I'm saying it's just totally personal, in my mind summer is a season to have fun, dare a little with loud colours and a bit of nonchalance in the outfits and hair. Whatever you wear in winter can't be seen beneath the coat (and coats, and coats) that keep you warm, and spring is all about pastel, flower prints,  romanticism and Easter eggs, lol. Fall is the best time of the year to be chic in  my silly opinion. 

My dear hubby brought me back from his last trip to the US this lovely deep khaki shade. I'm wearing two coats of it over my regular base coat, without topcoat. The formula on this was excellent. It was very long since I wore a creme polish that was so nice to apply. It's not thin nor thick, and it is very pigmented, so I applied the thinnest coats ever without any trace of brush strokes. It definitely needs two coats to achieve opacity though.

I had a little fun taking the first picture, because I wanted to photograph the "Mysterious" quality of the shade, lol. I hope you don't mind my crappy "arty" ways. Now is your turn to let me know: how you like Fall? Which is your favourite and least favourite thing about Fall? Any thoughts on this polish shade? any favourites among the recently released collections?
Let it all out!