Hello lovelies how are you today? To start the week in the best possible way I'll be following a new Nail Art Challenge called 33 Days Challenge! This is a great Challenge organized by the Crumpet's Nail Tarts, you'll find all the rules and details here, if you 'd like to join us on Facebook

This Challenge goes with themes, unlike the tri-polish challenge which demands colours to respect, you have freedom of colours and materials, as long as you respect the theme asked for.
Here's the scheduled: We post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for 11 weeks starting TODAY!
Take a look at the themes for each day:

So for the last two weeks of September and the last two of October I'll be doing two challenges, so I'll be posting nail art from Monday to Friday non stop! LOL . (But don't be fooled, many of my designs have already been prepared in advance, and others belong to my archives, so I'm not really painting my nails everyday, hope you don't mind.) Still it'll be quite a challenge when my archives have nothing to offer me! LOL!

For a sweet quiet start, the chosen theme for today are DOTS. So to celebrate the arrival of my favourite season I did a Fall-inspired dotticure using Essie Mademoiselle as a base and OPI Take the stage, OPI Rising star and Zoya Shawn placed using a dotting tool.

Do not forget to take a look at what others participants have done and stay tuned for the Tri-polish Challenge tomorrow!