Hello, it's me again!
Today is day 2 of the 33days challenge (you can check rules and themes here) and to be honest I was a little confused by your "most used" colour polish. I think it's about which of the nail polishes you own you've used the most, except clear, black and white. Or... it could be which colour of polish you use the most! like green, red, etc... mmm.

Well, anyway, I couldn't know for the life of me which of my polishes I've used the most, I don't count that kind of statistics, LOL! BUT I do tag my posts with colours, so I could easily know which colour is the most frequently used and that is : GREEN! So as green is what I use the most I'm showing you today one of my all time favourite greens: Essie Going incognito. These are two coats with one coat of seche vite.

Please, don't miss what the other participants have done today, I'm sure you won't be let down!