Happy Friday, lovelies!
I hope your week was nice and easy. Mine was a bit more complicated than I wished for, but nothing major really. Early this week, my blog decided to stop loading, I made a few emergency changes, but there are some really annoying consequences that make me want to change platform. Blogger is really bugging me. That'll be a resolution for next year, migrating my ginormous blog to Wordpress. I'm working on getting a new template, a new design for the blog very soon! In the meantime, I'm happy the comment section is up and running again, after 4 days without it. So if you have left a comment in those days, it is unfortunately lost now :(
Other than that, life has been really sweet to me, I have the most wonderful kids (every mom thinks that, bear with me), hubby has been in his semiannual "World Tour" haha, he's been travelling for business to Mexico, the US and Canada, so we haven't seen him in a while, but he'll be back this afternoon, and we are sooooo excited!
In other news, we have a very bright future ahead! Tomorrow, Saturday, my 3-year-old daughter will attend her mate's Birthday party, it is the first time she gets invited anywhere and we are so thrilled! My baby has a social life of her own! Awww...
Sunday 9th  is my birthday and I'm eager to turn 39, it's my last year of this decade and I'll be sure to enjoy it before I hit 40. I have so many plans for this year!
Also, in a few more days, we'll be heading to Argentina, my home country! I can't tell you how excited I am about it, I haven't seen my brother, my sister and their families in two years! I have a one-year-old niece that I've never met personally! I've seen my parents for the last time in the Spring of 2017, my son has grown 15cm since then.
Life is happening so fast right now, you couldn't believe, we have quite a lot on our plates, Christmas recitals in the school and daycare, parents' meeting at the school, Church reunion for Christmas, preparatives for our trip to Argentina, plus all the usual life things of work, house chores (I have so much laundry to fold I have baptized my pile as the "Himalaya"), sport, homework, blogging, etc. So I'm taking it easy, I want to enjoy all the things and not rushing crazily through it, after all, life is very short, isn't it?

Well, you see? I just wrote a book, LOL. But that's why I write so frequently! I prefer to keep it short (believe me I've been very succinct above) if I could I'd write a post daily, but then, I have a life too, haha.

Let's get into this week's nail art, shall we? The Facebook Groups "When Colors Collide" prompted us to create manicures using the following colours "Purple, Gold and White", here is what I came up with! I hope you like it :)

Here are the simple steps I followed to create this manicure:

1) I started painting my nails with two coats of a beautiful matte purple from Zoya. I applied rose gold nail polish to my ring fingernail to make an accent.
2) I then stamped over it using a metallic Rose gold polish and some snowflakes images. Except on my ring finger where I used purple stamping polish
3) Finally, I sponged some white and shimmery polish to the tips of the nails to represent frost.
That was it! I didn't use a top coat because I wanted to keep the matte finish.

These are the products and Items I used:
  • Zoya "Savita" (matte purple)*
  • Butter London nail lacquer "Goss" (rose gold)
  • MoYou London White knight stamping polish (white)
  • Born Pretty Store Stamping plate "Christmas L002"*
  • BeautyBigbang Double ended nail art brushes/dotting tools*
  • Beauty Bigbang Clear stamper and scraper.*

I hope you've liked my "Purple, Gold and White" nails. Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more manicures in the same colours! You can find their creations on the WCC Facebook group.
Have a lovely weekend!


*The items marked with a (*) were gifted to me as PR samples.