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How are you today? I haven't posted in the past two days because I've been experiencing some difficulties with my blog code, the server, and whatever it is, is making my blog load very slowly. I am zero for anything related to webmasters, so I have my people working on it. I'll also seize the opportunity to give my blog a makeover, so stay tuned to see the final results!

Meanwhile, I've prepared for you a new Zodiac inspired makeup. This year, I decided to use more, in new creative ways, the makeup I own instead of buying new items. That is why I challenged myself to create twelve different looks with the BHCosmetics Zodiac palette, one for each sign. Today, I created a Sagittarius look for the "Zodiac challenge"the last one of this challenge! yay!
The look in green I came up with, called for a burgundy lipstick, I hope you like it!

I want to state clearly that I don't really care for horoscope or Zodiac signs in general, and I don't know much about it, I just know that each sign roughly corresponds to a month of the year, and as there are twelve of them I thought it would be nice to make it a challenge to present you one new look each month. Sagittarius sign starts on November 22nd through December 21st, that's about all I know ;)

The colours that correspond to Sagittarius in the wonderful BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette, are an orange-y matte red and a foil baked shadow in green. I decided to use both, but I also added another two colour from the palette to create a more interesting look. I hope you like the makeup I came up with ♥

Shimmery Green and Burgundy for a "Sagittarius" look

For this look I used:

Face/ Visage:
- Wetnwild Photofocus concealer in Light Ivory
- Wetnwild Photofocus Foundation in Golden Beige AND Soft Ivory (I mix two colours as my skin gets paler in the cold season!)
 - Makeup Forever HD powder
Givenchy Croisière Healthy Glow Powder #2Douce Croisière
-NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Highlighter Duo 

- Urban Decay Primer Potion Anti-Age
BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette
- Essence Super Precise eyeliner longlasting + waterproof
Gabriella Salvete Panoramico Urban protection Mascara

- Wetnwild Liquid catsuit Matte lipstick in "Redlings"

How I did it

The colours for Sagittarius in the BH Palette are not what I would usually pick to pair together, so doing this makeup was quite a challenge!
I decided to do a shimmery green look with a touch of burgundy on the lips, and make it work for the Holiday Season ;) If you look closely you can see I also used a dark purple on my eyes, which is the matte shade for Libra; also a touch of the highlighter included in the center of the palette.
I chose the lovely liquid lipstick by Wetnwild that was recently launched, and I was a bit disappointed! The colour is awesome, but it is soooo drying on the lips!! It has a beautiful satiny metallic finish, but it applies patchy, so I had to apply three coats to make things even. But wearing three coats, was super drying on my lips skin and looked terrible after a few hours! I love Wetnwild regular matte liquid lipsticks but this Limited edition metallics, are not the same quality! So be warned.
I also used quite a pigmented and shimmery blush by NYX cosmetics. I added liquid eyelinerand black mascara.

Except fo the remarkably dry lips, I am quite happy with this look and I think it could be a nice option for the holiday season, a Christams party, or any Party!  What do you think?
This one was the last makeup of the Zodiac series!! YAY! We are done here!
But It'll most probably be back next year, since BH Cosmetics just launched a GORGEOUS new Zodiac palette, with a LOVE theme! I'll ask to Santa for it ;)

If you are curious to see the looks I've created for each sign so far, please check them in the list down below:

I hope you've liked this look and, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have a question or suggestion! 


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