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A while ago I started a series of posts that I named "Brand in the spotlight", where I dedicated one blog post to feature only one brand. In this series, I present new (or new to me), big or small,
brands that have some outstanding aspects that call my attention and that I consider they deserve to be featured and shared with you!
Today I'd like to share with you a brand that just arrived in Switzerland at parfumcity.ch: this is Gabriella Salvete. read my review on the products I got* from this brand and the look I've created using them!

The brand Gabriella Salvete

"GABRIELLA SALVETE COMPANY was founded with a creative vision to give new choice in cosmetic market in comparison with the multinational brands with… new Italian Style.

GABRIELLA SALVETE was established in 1990 in Czech Republic with an Italian Style Brand in the name and sound. Our first claim was “Beautiful every day”. After 2010 we restyled our logo, strategy and brand positioning. Gabriella Salvete moved its headquarter in Milan, Italy and expands its energy into many other countries.
GABRIELLA SALVETE is an unique brand with an Italian style and an international glamour.
We keep on seeking emotion and beauty for all women. Gabriella Salvete woman researches a unique look, beautiful and fashion."

I have received a beautiful box as a press sample, with SO many products to try! It was impossible to fit everything in only one post, so I decided to show you today the face products (powders and base) and eye products (eyeshadow, eyeliners and mascara). I will include the rest of the products in a later post, where I will introduce you to their lip products (scrub, lipsticks and colour balms) and nail products (lacquer, mattifying topcoat and drying drops). You'll notice that my description of the products includes my own experience and impressions, which are totally honest so you can already sense that I was super happy with this brand.

Gabriella Salvete face products

Gabriella Salvete Matte Primer

" The Matte Primer will ensure velvety smooth skin and prepare it for the application of make-up and make it last significantly longer. It prevents the activity of sebaceous glands without clogging up the pores and the skin remains matt and velvety throughout the day. Thanks to the high concentration of apricot oil and vitamin E it deeply nourishes the skin and leaves it hydrated and smooth. The Matte Primer is suitable for all types of skin."

The Gabriella Salvete Matte Primer was the first thing I tried and it completely wowed me. This primer is a completely clear silicon based product that is meant to be applied prior to make up o your face, neck and decolleté. It spreads beautifully and evenly on the skin leaving it witht a lovely silky feeling to the touch. It fills out pores and small lines giving a perfectly smooth and matte surface to apply your makeup flawlessly. Although is a silicon-based product it feels very lightweight on the skin and you only need the smallest amount to cover your full face. It's been a while since I used such a nice mattifying primer! The tube comes with a practical pump, it contains 15ml and retails for  10.50 CHF here.

Gabriella Salvete Cover Foundation SPF 30

"High COVER Foundation will ensure flawless and velvety skin throughout the day without blocking pores. Thanks to the high concentration of pigments it provides a perfect cover of imperfections as well as nourishment with a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, panthenol, allantoin and zinc."

This is such an excellent foundation! I am used to using high coverage foundations, but I don't like "full-coverage" ones. I am happy that this foundation gives me enough coverage to conceal all my hyperpigmentation but still looking very natural. It mattifies my skin, but it doesn't dry it out, it covers my pores and  fine lines without looking "cakey". Besides the natural look it also lasts very long on my dry skin, I've tested it for 13 hours without ever needing to retouch!
When I read the label I realize this foundation is produced in Italy, which laboratories are known to make the best foundations (Estée Lauder, Fenty Beauty, Catrice). I am super happy with my colour match too, the range offers only 5 shades (fair and medium, unfortunately there aren't dark or deep shades) and I was sent the shade "ivory" which is perfect for my complexion.
The Cover Foundation bottle comes with a practical pump, contains 30ml, it retails for 12.25 CHF and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Matte Powder SPF 15

"The  new MATTE POWDER is mainly unique due to a particular new technology that allows to make the texture extremely silky and velvety to the touch with special extra flowing. The color is more adherent and light on the skin than a normal compact powder. The complexion is perfectly homogeneous and the film is light and natural. Mays starch in the formula maintains the complexion matt throughout the day, with an absorbing action for the excess of sebum."

I am a "dry-skin-gal", so I usually stay away from mattifying powders (with only one exception), especially in compact format, because they dry out my skin and make me look 100 years old. But for the sake of this review and because the weather has really warmed up lately, I decided to give it a go. I wasn't disappointed! This powder is very lightweight, it is translucent and practically imperceptible on the skin. My makeup lasted flawlessly 13 hours without touch-ups. I think the primer-foundation-matte powder trio work perfectly together producing that lasting power! My skin looked fresh as the powder did not dry it out. I avoided applying it on the eye contour area, as this is critical for us dry skin ladies with ageing skin, where I decided to apply the other powder this brand proposes which I will describe below. I must say this is a NEW favourite of mine!
The Matte Powder comes in 4 shades from fair to medium, and I got the 2nd to fairest called "Beige". The compact contains 8g of powder, retails for 8.00 CHF and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Nude Powder Hydrating SPF 15

"The light texture of this compact powder will make your skin feel like behind a velvet veil of natural ingredients giving it matte finish. Naturally unifies skin tone while nourishing it, thanks to argan oil which is known for its rejuvenating effects. Velvet proteins give your skin a boost of deep-down hydration and prevent dry skin and irritation. Blackcurrant oil has intensive antioxidant and regenerative effects. You skin will be smooth and matte all day. NUDE Powder is suitable for all types of skin."

I was so exciting reading this description, ya know "I am a dry-skin-gal", so the idea of a "hydrating powder" gives me stomach-butterflies! I don't think I've ever used or even heard of a similar powder. This is actually like no powder. I used it to set my concealer around the eyes without knowing what to expect, and WOW. Just no words. My under-eye area shows fine lines and expression lines (I'm 38 you guys!) and when I apply undereye concealer, usually that part is brightened and looks much better, like let's say "35-years-old" and when I add powder usually I get 10 years more, lol. Well that was not the case with NUDE powder, it sets the under eye area but it doesn't dry out the skin, it doesn't emphasize the fine lines, it is awesome! If you are a 35+ lady and have some similar problem to me around the eye area, I totally recommend you to try this powder!
The Nude Powder comes in 4 shades from fair to medium, I got the 2nd to fairest called "light nude". The compact contains 8g of powder, retails for 4.75 CHF and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Bronzer Powder SPF 15

"Bronzing and hydrating powder with SPF 15
New elegant BRONZER POWDER has an extremely soft and velvety texture. Your skin will not only be soft to touch, but also beautiful to look at. Treat your skin to a luxurious experience. New BRONZER POWDER with unique hyaluronic acid will fully moisturize your skin and give it that natural glow. The skin is smooth, fresh and soft thanks to silk proteins and SPF15 sun protection. BRONZER POWDER is suitable for dry, normal and combined skin, as it contains silicone components for the absorption of any skin oil.."

I use bronzer way more than contouring on a daily basis. It is a simple way to add a little bit of colour and volume to the face, with and effortless gesture. That being said I'm usually very lighthanded with bronzer because I am a pale-gal. The Gabriella Salvete bronzer has the same silky quality the other powders I tried, and it is a pleasure to apply. Although the colour I received is a bit too warm for my complexion, I can make it work because it is not super pigmented! This may sound like a negative thing, but believe me: bronzers for fair skin shouldn't be overly pigmented! This way they are easier to apply and gradually build up the colour according to your skintone and taste. I am sure I am going to reach out a lot for this bronzer this summer!
The Bronzer Powder comes in 3 shades from soft to dark, I got the middle one called "bronzer". The compact contains 8g of powder, retails for 8.50 CHF and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Duo Blush SPF 15

"The Duo Blush gives a new radiance, delicate and natural, to your face, for an always luminous appearance. Soft, impalpable and long lasting, it has an extremely light-weight texture that makes it easy to apply and to blend and improves its adherence on skin. The result is a pure color that gives new life to the cheeks in a delicate and natural way.
The formula is enriched with Silk Proteins, that have a conditioning action and ensure a soft and pleasant feel in application, with Vitamin E and an active ingredient of vegetal origin with moisturizing and anti-ageing properties."

I have a thing for blushes. I simply can't resist them, I can't resist to buy them and to wear them and to collect them! I think they have the faculty to completely transform your look and give you a younger and healthier appearance in one brush stroke! I'm always happy to try a new blush and this one was no exception. again the quality of the powder is outstanding for such an affordable product. This duo blush contain two colours in one pan, so that you can use them separately or mix them up giving you 3 colour options!

The Duo blush comes in 4 shades, I got number 02 which is a matte peach blush combined with a shimmery rose one. The compact contains 8g of powder, retails for 7 CHF and it is available here.

 Eyeshadows were the first products from the brand and they still keep their special place in it. Not only the range of colours and textures is very varied, but it also the pigments are of an excellent quality. The Makeup Geek eyeshadows are known to be very pigmented, soft and easy to blend. But the most remarkable feature is the ability for you to choose and build your own eyeshadow palette.
These retail for about 6 USD each shadow, available here.

Gabriella Salvete Palettes

You know how I love palettes, they offer many possibilities with only one product and they are also travel friendly. A nice palette is always a good idea to simplify your life and prevent you from having to reach out to various products! This brand offery you three kinds of palettes: 10 colours eyeshadow palettes, a contouring trio and a highlighting trio!

Gabriella Salvete Pallete 10 Shades

"The palette of ten long-lasting pressed eye shadows combining matte and glitter shades perfectly accentuates and highlights your look. The silky texture provides natural coverage. Apply them dry for a velvet-smooth look or wet to achieve a dramatic result and smoky eyes effect.

The palette Rose consists of shades ranging from fine beige and pink to dark earthy shades of brown and violet in matte and glitter variants that give depth to your look."

If you follow me, then you know I am an eyeshadow junkie. I own many palettes and used them all! Let's just say, I know my way with palettes, and this little baby is really nice! there are matte and shimmery shades, some really nice transition shades and also a couple of dark shades in there! All you need to come up with a sophisticated eye look. The colours are not overly pigmented, but they are very nice to work with, they blend nicely, they have no fall out when applied and they last decently for 8 hours on the lids. The shimmery shades perform very well, and the matte shades are a bit less impressive but in any case they are creamy and don't look chalky at all. I got the palette #01 Rose and you can see my soft rose look in my pictures further below.
The 10 shades palette is also available in the shades: Nude, Grey, Aqua and Violet. The compact contains 10g of products (1g per colour), retails for 12.25 CHF and are available here.

Gabriella Salvete Contouring Palette

"The Contouring Palette for sculpting facial contours will become an integral part of your beauty kit. It contains a BRONZER, HIGHLIGHTER and BLUSHER for contouring and brightening the face. By correctly applying shades to certain parts of the face you will achieve an optically attractive look."

You know that contouring is THE magic word for makeup in social media. Wherever you look there are videos and tutorials for learning this makeup technique that allows you to enhance the shapes of different parts of your face, like nose, forehead, cheekbones, jawlines. That being said, I never "contour"... honestly, I don't! If you don't care for contouring either, but like me you like a touch of blush, bronzer and highlighter, this little palette might be your best friend. I think the contouring colour here, which is a matte tan (on the left), it is too warm for contouring, but it is perfect for bronzing (which is my thang). The blush colour (on the right) is sooo beautiful, seriously, I want to lick it... but I won't, don't worry. The highlighter shade in the middle is a beautiful champagne shade, which is not shimmery but satiny! My favourite finish! A satin finish gives you a beautiful glow without making you look like a disco ball, so this is perfect for an everyday touch of glow.

 The Contouring Trio is a total hit in my book! It contains 15g of products (5g per colour), retails for ONLY 9.00 CHF (absolutely crazy!) and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Highlighting Palette

"Highlighting palette of three powders perfectly highlights and emphasizes the areas of the face that are best to catch light. The skin gets a healthy shimmer and will be soft to the touch. The result is a sun-kissed skin during all day.

Use fingertips to the inner side of eyes, brow bones and cheek bones. Use eye shadow brush to illuminate your face by highlighting the center of your chin, the outer sides of the eyes and the bridge of the nose."

I should have noted that highlighting is ANOTHER magic word for makeup. Highlighting your face makes you go from "meh" to "WOW" in two seconds. You can highlight even if you aren't wearing any other makeup and look ravishing! I love me some nice highlighting and having options that suit your complexion and pair to the rest of your look is a nice idea. This little trio delivery a beautiful satiny finish (with no shimmer!) glow in three lovely shades: a rose shade, a golden champagne and a gorgeous lilac. The powdersapply very nicely but they seem to be a little less long lasting that the rest of the products I've tried.

The Highlighter Trio contains 15g of products (5g per colour), retails for  9.00 CHF and it is available here.

Gabriella Salvete Mascaras range

The brand has a mind blowing range of mascara with 23 options to choose from!! That's absolutely insane, but you are sure to find something for your needs! at parfumcity.ch you can find the "Aqua range" and the "Panoramico range".
Here are the three mascaras I have received:

"Waterproof and volume mascara for your active moments. It is easy to remove with eye makeup removal. For the best effect let your lashes dry thoroughly after application."
It retails for 7.50 CHF and it is available here.

"Panoramico Argain Oil Volume Mascara – a volume mascara with argan oil in a metallic violet container, to nurture your lashes. The formula is ideal for those with sensitive eyes. The rich content of wax gives the mascara its creamy and highly flexible texture, keeping your lashes strong, including the finest ones. A specially shaped brush naturally helps this process, catching every lash, easily separating them."
It retails for 9.00 CHF and it is available here.

"Volumizing formula with herbal powered anti-pollution. Protection.
This mascara reinforces the natural defences of your Eyelashes, while protecting them against external aggressions and Pollution, thanks to a complex mix of japanese charcoal, known for its ability to absorb toxins plusan antioxidant from olives, which defends the eyelashes from free-radical damages , Andan oil derived from the seeds of sacha inchi: an inca peanut, Whose action is to rejuvenate the eyelashes."
It retails for 9.00 CHF and it is available here.

My favourite it's the Panoramico Urban Protection MAscara! It is super black, it gives volume to my lashes and holds the curl wonderfully! Besides I love to think that it helps protect my eyes from pollution.

Gabriella Salvete Automatic Eyeliner

"Automatic eyeliner in four trendy new shades. Creamy texture together with vitamin E ensures a pleasant application and rich pigmentation all day."

These eyeliners are a total joy to work with! They come in 12 shades, including of course the traditional Black and brown! I received those and also a purple, a blue, a white one and a plum shade that I absolutely adore and it is my new favourite!(you can see me using it in my waterline in the picture below). The colour glides effortlessly and the fine tipallowss you to create fun looks. The formula is longlasting and waterproof (so you are safe to cry watching a movie! it won't move ;)  I am so happy this brand includes a white eyeliner because that is so edgy and so difficult to find in other brands with same price range! Thumbs up to Gabriella for that!!

The Automatic eyeliners retail for 5.25 CHF and are available here.

Gabriella Salvete Liquid Contour waterproof

"Liquid eye waterproof contour softly highlights your eyes and gives them emphasis and tempting expression. The new unique formula of the emulsion improves accuracy in application of a thin eye line that will remain unchanged all day long."

This liquid black eyeliner comes with a wand and a felt tip applicator and it is fantastic. I am always so honest with and I have a whole colletion of bad experiences with felt tip eyeliners.  You might remember this one. I am very picky with eyeliners because I LOVE precision, I have very small eyes and I can't draw thick lines of eyeliners, otherwise my eyes look even smaller! So I really need to be able to draw that thin line that makes all the difference. Usually felt tips don't let you do that because they are too rigid, but this one does! It combines the steadiness of a felt tip for a quick and precise application with enough flexibility not to get caugh in old wrinkly eyes like mine. What else can I say! Oh yes: it is super long lasting, waterproof and buget friendly!

The Liquid Contour waterproof retails for 6.25 CHF and is available here.

Makeup Look using Gabriella Salvete products

Here it is a makeup look I created using most of the products I own. Of course, I didn't use all the products, but I used only products from this brand! The eyehsadows, the liquid black liner, mascara, the plum automatic eyeliner, the Contouring palette, the foundation and primer. Also I used some products I'll show you later, like the lipstick and the eyebrow palette and pencil. I hope you like this look.

Bottom Line

Discovering and using this new brand has been a total pleasure! All the products I've tested are really nice quality and some of them are simply excellent and my new favourites like the liquid liner, the automatic liners, the primer and both face powders. I am very happy that we have a new brand in Switzerland with affordable prices, that compete (and exceed) in quality to most widely known drugstore brands! I can't recommend this enough if you love makeup and you seek for good quality without breaking the bank. The whole range is currently available at parfumcity.ch

Have you tried anything from Gabriella Salvete range yet? What do you think of the products I show you and the look I've created with them? Let me know in the comments!


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.