Hello, Sweeties! Today I'm starting a new series on the blog. it is about focusing on one brand, particularly new or new-to-me brands that have some outstanding aspects that call my attention and that deserve to be featured and shared with you!

To start with a fairly new brand Bronx Colors!  Keep reading to find out more about it :)

Bronx Colors is a cruelty free Swiss makeup brand that is currently present in 25 countries and has launched several of its products in the U.S. this year.

Its main distribution chanel are supermarkets and drugstores, so it can be labelled as a "drugstore brand" but this should not confuse us with other drugstore brands. In fact Bronx Colors is NOT mass produced, and their products quality can pair many prefessional brands. If I was to put it in a family of similar brands, I would do it next to NYX Cosmetics, BH Cosmetics, those brands with affordable prices and professional quality.

I have been seeing this brand in Manor since January 2017 and in Coop since a month or so, but it surprised me that none of the Swiss bloggers would talk about it! What's up? Are we only talking abour Press Samples? Well, you should know I bought this stuff myself and I'm talking about it because it is GOOD AFFORDABLE stuff and my readers should know about everything avaliable, not only those who stuff bloggers with free samples.

The drugstore display is huge and varied, everything is super tempting, I had such a hard time deciding what to pick up! Of course, I have a budget for makeup discoveries (50 CHF, that is way smaller than I wished it was) but I could get two lipsticks a palette-case to be customized, 4 eyeshadows (the choice was challenging! so many wonderful colours!) and 2 lipsticks, the total spent was 49.30 CHF. Without further ado, let me show you what I got in detail

Single click eyeshadows

I am a purple eyeshadow freak. If I am testing a brand for the first time, my eyes directly scan for the purple eyeshadow. If a brand does not carry purple eyeshadow, my levels of excitement drop considerably... LOL
I have chosen 4 colours to build my quad, which were suggested to go together by their numbering and seemed to me a perfect association for the makeup look I had in mind.

I've chosen #SCS09 Lavender, # SCS10 Blue lavender, # SCS11 Amethyst and #SCS12 Coolgrey.

Lavender is a pale lilac or Parma pink colour with a soft satin finish and slightly sheer. This is perfect for eyebrow highlighting when doing a purple look, as regular flesh colours may look od or clash.

Blue Lavender is a true royal purple to me with a matte finish. It is decently pigmented but not overly so, it is not as soft as the rest of the shadows, but it has zero fall-out! It looks scary in the pan, but on the eyes, it is not as vivid or dark, it is definitely very wearable!

Amethyst is a showstopper. It is soooo perfect in so many ways. it is a medium orchid purple with a stonishing blue flash and an iridescent finish, which gives it a gorgeous duochrome reflexion. Absolutely soft and ultrapigmented can be worn sheer or be built up to full opaqueness. Onmmy picture the blue tone has predomined, but take my word for it, there is much pink undertone to it. just as most purples it is very difficult to photograph accurately.

Cool grey is another gem! An iridescent beauty mix of purple and gold, gives the illlusion of a golden grey-ish purple. Words can't describe the beauty of this color and it is absolutely unique in my collection.

Here is a look you've seen before that I created with this palette:

Single click eyeshadow body

It is a cool case to keep my four single eyeshades. This case can hous two blushes, a blush and two eyeshadows or four eyeshadows. It is sleek, lighteight and travel friendly. It feels sturdy and the slide system makes it easy to change the contents any time. Of course now I want to pick up one more and test the blushes!!

The legendary Lipstick 

I'm pretty sure The Legendary Lipsticks by Bronx Colors are so good! I was surprised while swatching them at the display and as I was originally going to pick up one, I ended up picking two of them! First let's talk about the packaging. It is super chic, made in aluminium, and has a click system to open that reminds me of Chanel rouge allure concept, it definitely would look much more expensive if they used a smaller logo on it.

I chose the shades #LL03 Nutmeg and #LL05 Aubergine which were ideal for winter, as I bought them both in February and used them a lot! Now I definitely need to pick up a summery colour.

I love both lipsticks because are super moisturising and pigmented, perfect for my very dry lips. While I love matte finishes, my lips feel and look much better with creamy lipstick, so these are great for me.

Bottom Line

I am pleased with all my picks from Bronx Colors, and find their price tag is definitely affordable! I wanted to recommend it to you because I'm sure you will agree. There are still a few products from them I want to try: a mascara, a liner, blushes, baked eyeshadows and of course base products!

Have you tried anything from Bronx Colors yet? Is this brand available where you live? What do you think of my picks and the looks I've created with them? Let me know in the comments!