Hello, my lovelies!
The month of May is gently coming to its end and it's time for me to do my monthly balance on the products I've used up. There aren't many, but this will be a very polarized post: 3 of these products I LOVE with all capitals, and 3 I HATE and strongly dissuade you from getting them. Can you figure out which is which? Well, no need to guess, just keep reading!

My "Empties" post series is consistent with my resolution of committing to consuming more responsibly. Use up the products that I bought before buying new ones, as well as evaluating what I'm using by reviewing it and deciding whether to repurchase or not. By the way, helping you decide on your own purchase.

Biolis Nature - Burro di Karité (Shea butter) Shampoo and Conditioner

I got these products long ago in one of my trips to Italy. I had bought other shampoo and conditioner from the same brand and reviewed them here. I had high expectations for these two as their label is SO impressive, especially because they are SO affordable! I got both shampoo and conditioner for less than 7€, a total steal!
The whole line is formulated with great care: It does not contain silicones, parabens, dyes, preservatives, SLS, phthalates, animal derivatives or petrol derivatives. It is also Vegan and produced within a program with low CO2 emissions. This is among the CLEANEST formulas I've ever used in products for my hair.

Where my high expectations met? Halfway. I'd say I have LOVED the shampoo with the same passion and intensity I have HATED the conditioner! In fact, this conditioner is still 2/3 full but it is quite long time I've finished up the shampoo.
Why such a huge difference for two products from the same brand and range?? I have no clue.
Both products are indicated for straight hair and promise to nourish hair and keep it silky, shiny, perfectly detangled.
The shampoo does all of those things. It is very gentle, so to cleanse my long hair I need two applications, which is what I usually do as my hair is actually very long. It needs to be applied generously but it doesn't lather up as it doesn't contain all the chemicals that would usually make your product foam. Which I highly appreciate. This shampoo is very gentle and leaves my hair looking fabulous, shiny, voluminous, soft to the touch, and it also lasts clean for long as it doesn't contain the silicones and other stuff that end up cumulating on the scalp and giving it an oily appearance.

The conditioner, on the other hand, is a real punishment. I think if you wanted to play a prank on someone you should give them this conditioner. Honestly, I don't know how to say this with kindness, because this conditioner has actually bothered me. It is very creamy and a bit oily, exactly like shea butter. Now let's suppose you take your body moisturizer with shea butter and apply it to your wet hair... that is exactly how this conditioner feels!! It simply WON'T RINSE OFF no matter the amount or the temperature of the water! It is a nightmare! after rinsing, and drying the hair with a towel, the hair has an oily appearance, it takes away all the shine from it and it makes it feel heavy, the strands will stick one to the other, looking like you haven't washed your hair for the past decade!! A total mess. I seriously and firmly advice anyone with any type of hair to stay away from this conditioner, and I recommend anyone that appreciate naturally formulated products to buy the shampoo!!

Rimmel London Nourishing Nail Polish Remover

I usually am NOT this unkind in my reviews. But I like being honest and you know I don't hide anything from you: I can't find anything positive to say about this product! You need to know this product will not remove your nail polish. It won't. It is like trying to remove your polish with water. Except that this nail polish is mainly made of acetone, so it is terrible for your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails. The more you rub it, the worse your skin gets. Just stay away from it. Please.

Essie Matte About you. Mattifying topcoat.

This is hands down the best mattifying topcoat I've ever used in my life. And believe you me, I've used a ton! It goes perfectly even, it doesn't smear designs or stamping, it dries super fast and completely clear (unlike others which leave an uneven white cast on nails). It has a very subtly matte stain like finish that I couldn't achieve with any other product. When I wear this, one could be mistaken that I'm wearing actual satin fabric on my nails!!
I won't lie to you, a small tear left my eyes when this finished, because I can't find a replacement! I don't know it seems nobody who retails Essie has this topcoat in stock. Has it been discontinued?? I am trying to find out but it seems it is still available in some countries. So If you like matte nails and you see this in your store GRAB it! (and one for me ;) lol ).

OPI Infinite Shine Gloss topcoat. 

Or should I call this product "how to ruin your perfect manicure". Ever since I first opened this bottle I knew I wasn't going to finish this up. This topcoat is not like gel, it is gooey and when you try to apply it, it forms some "threads" that I can't describe otherwise and the more you try to make it work the worse it gets!  But the very very bad part is: it never ever dries. Whatever you do, this won't dry. I can't believe a beloved brand of me like OPI came up with such a poor product. I own 800 colours from this brand and I have bought their limited editions since 2008. My top three favourite basecoats are from OPI. That should picture how much I love the brand. However, I can't recommend this topcoat.

Mavala 002. Protective basecoat.

To end this post on a high note, here it is my beloved Mavala basecoat. This basecoat is great for preventing dark or bright colours from staining your nails. It works wonderfully. It is very thin, it applies like a dream, it dries fast, it protects my nails! What's not to love about it!! Well, only one little tiny detail: it's pricey in comparison with other brands. It costs me around 15 CHF (almost 15 USD) when other basecoats cost around the half. For someone like me that changes manicure quite often the price of basecoat is actually important, but for not nail-polish-junkie people, this will definitely make a difference! Regardless of the price I've kept buying this regularly for the past 7 years, so, this is something I would totally recommend.


I hope these mini-reviews have been somehow useful to you. I am happy that I am sticking to my resolution of reviewing the products I use up this year as well.
Do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a question if you need more information or if you have suggestions for me!


*This article may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.