Hello, Sweeties! This month I've started a new series of posts in the blog about focusing on one makeup brand at the time, particularly new or new-to-me brands that call my attention and that deserve to be featured and shared with you!
On my first post in this series I've introduced you to a fairly new brand called Bronx Colors, but today I'm going to talk about a brand that may sound familiar to you it is GOSH Copenhagen.

GOSH Copenaghen is a brand that's been in the market for very long offering cosmetics and beauty products. It was created as a pharmaceutical brand in 1945 that turned later into a cosmetic brand. Their range is very large and it includes makeup, skincare, body care, hair care and frangreance. It's well stablish in many European countries and in the US as well. So why am I talking about it now? Well, it hasn't been long since GOSH makeup made its entrance to Switzerland drugstores! In fact I've spotted a display of GOSH makeup in my local drugstore for the first time in March (was it February?). So I grabbed a few things (you know my tight budget, right?) and I thought I would share my thoughts with you!

GOSH qualifies as a drugstore brand which prices are in the middle range (at least in Switzerland), affordable and of pretty good quality (with hits and misses). The products (or their website) do not carry the cruelty-free certification or vegan label, but the website Vegane Produkte Schweiz published a list of products of the brand that are apparently Vegan, it is not a very user friendly website, nor they explain how they obtain the info, but if you are interested you can check it here. I will stick to the official information provided and will conclude this brand is neither cruelty-free nor Vegan.

So I picked four products that I chose according to what I needed at the moment, what called my attention and what impressed me. Let's see qhat I got, shall we?

GOSH Velvet Touch foundation primer Anti-wrinkle

Ok! This little one called my attention first ! I swatched it in the store and the texture felt delicious on the skin and I immediately grabbed it. Here are the claims on their website:

"The perfect base for all kinds of make-up. The apricot coloured formula contains an active ingredient called Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl 3000 boosts the collagen fibres that improves the natural elasticity of the skin.

GOSH VELVET TOUCH Anti Wrinkle FOUNDATION PRIMER reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles while the skin is simultaneously tightened up and smoothed. In so doing, an even, matt and unique silky soft complexion is created. The primer can be used after application of the daily moisturiser or on clean skin. Use it especially on areas with particularly deep lines and/or where the skin feels rough and dry. The result is a unique and even complexion. The skin will never look dry and mottled ever again. The product contains ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 and is without preservatives and perfume."

With such claims I needed to test if it worked!!
I've been using this for three weeks now and althought I don't notice any improvement on my wrinkles (yet) I am very happy with it. It spreads prefectly over all my day creams (I've tested different ones) and it works fine with all the foundations I've tested it so far (water based and silicon base). It reduces the apearance of my pores, helps my foundation last longer and look smoother. It is a little mattifyer but it doesn't dull my skin as it has a nice appricot tint that illuminates the complexion. I give it a thumbs up, although I cannot confirm that the anti-wrinkle claims are true (yet), it is a very good primer at an affordable price. If I notice anything I will update this post in the future.

GOSH Eyeliner pen

That day I was looking for a felt tip black liner, and since I wanted to test this brand I though "why not?". There wasn't a tester at that moment in the display, so I grabbed it thinking "how bad could this be?".

Here is the description in their website:

"Liquid eye liner for perfect framing of the eye. Provides a deep and very intense colour and is quickly drying. With the soft tip applicator it is possible to make both very thin and/or broad and thick lines, depending on the application angle and how you hold the applicator. The result is beautiful and long lasting.
• Quickly drying
• Stays beautiful for hours
• Perfume and paraben free"

This is basically a liquid black liner with a felt tip applicator. When I first opened this I thought the applicator looked cool, and that I might be able to do many crazy designs. But trying to use it properly was not very easy and I was disappointed.
It took a little until I got used to the applicator and my first application was a total disaster. The one you see in the pictures was on the third day of use, but I am still not happy with it. The issue basically is that the applicator is too stiff and the formulation not liquid enough so that the applicator drags the colour (and the skin) leaving an uneven application, which is exactly what you DON'T want from an eyeliner. I want my lines deep black, crisp and precise as a razor. This eyeliner doesn't do that, it dries quickly, and matte, but it takes a lot to make it work. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over 30, because it also drags the skin (yes, young ladies don't have these problems) and when that happens the result is not pretty.
I have thought that I might have got a dude and I hate that Switzerland doesn't have a return policy! If you have tested this and had a different experience, please let me know so in the comments!

GOSH LumiDrops Illuminating highlighter

I swatched all three Lumidrops highlighters by the display and this one had to come home with me! I was impressed becauseit looks so natural and so pretty on the skin. It gives a natural juicy glow from within, like your skin was porcelain made. I love this effect so much! I got the very pale shade because I intend to use it even when I'm not wearing makeup.

This is what their website has to say:

"Natural raw beauty comes from within. Let the new LUMIDROPS capture your light and let it shine. LUMIDROPS is a liquid highlighter that dresses the skin in an illuminating veil of beautiful radiance. Enhancing the complexion with a shimmery finish from reflecting pearl pigments. Enjoying a night out? The new
LUMIDROPS delivers red-carpet ready skin, creating that perfect radiant look by strobing light and luminosity to your skin - as if it’s coming from
within. With three different shades, it will brighten up any look and highlight your most beautiful features.

· Gives skin a refreshed luminosity
· Shimmery finish from light reflecting pigments
· Liquid light weight formula – easy to mix and blend
· Perfume free"
Every word in this description is accurate in my experience, except maybe that for me it does not have a shimmery effect as a powder gives, which is exactly why I love it so much. If you like your highlighter to be seen from outerspace, then this one is not for you. But if you like me prefer a subtle more indulgent with 35+ gals skin, then you are going to love this baby.

GOSH Velvet touch lipstick in #002 Matt Rose

Last but not least, I picked a lipstick. Not exactly because I *needed* it, but because I am a true lipstick addict and can't help myself. I have swatched a few shdes in their display, and the matt lipstick impressed me the most. So I chose this gorgeous dusty rose shade and I'm so happy with it!
Here you are what their site says about these lipsticks:

GOSH COPENHAGEN has now added four matt lipsticks to the successful VELVET TOUCH LIPSTICK MATT range, totalling 16 beautiful matt colours inspired by the raw, undisturbed purity of nature and GOSH COPENHAGEN’s Nordic roots.

"The Velvet Touch Lipstick collection has added natural waxes and hyaluronic acid to moisturise, smooth and soothe your lips. The active
ingredients also mean that the matt lipsticks feel comfortable on your lips all day long.
· Matt finish
· Smooth and creamy
· Long-lasting, makes lips feel comfortable
· Increased pigment content for intense colour
· Natural waxes keep your lips moisturised and soothed
· Hyaluronic acid keeps your lips well-moisturised and smooth
· No parabens, dermatologically tested"

I really like this lipstick! All the claims are accurate in my personal experience, it looks really matte but not drying, it lasts nicely but it doesn't set and keeps feeling "creamy" throughout the day. I know many people think matte lipsticks "have to" set and be indelible because that's what liquid lipsticks do. Let me tell you, I and my chappy lips HATE matte lipsticks that set and dry out so that it seems I have a dry raisin instead of a mouth! I want my lippies to stay creamy, comfortable and I thank GOSH for doing this. Of course, I'll be getting more, and nope I don't *need* anymore lipstick, but you know...

Here is a little look I created with these 4 products from GOSH. I'd love to read your feedback!

Bottom Line

I am pleased with my picks from GOSH Copenhagen, although the liquid liner was a total flop (need to find out more about it!!), and find their price tag is definitely affordable. I do recommend you to check their LumiDrops and the lipsticks. I wasn't personally drawn to their eyeshadow range, maybe because I own every colour in the spectrum already and I'm not that easily impressed, but their quad look pretty good!  There are still a few products from them I want to try:  LumiDrops blush (!), mascara and more lipsticks, LOL

Have you tried anything from GOSH yet? Is this brand available where you live? What do you think of my picks and the looks I've created with them? Let me know in the comments!